What does Benaiah mean in the Bible?

Greek / Hebrew Translation Occurance
בְּנָיָ֧הוּ one of David’s mighty warriors 4
בְּנָיָ֙הוּ֙ one of David’s mighty warriors 4
וּבְנָיָ֙הוּ֙ one of David’s mighty warriors 3
בְּנָיָ֖הוּ one of David’s mighty warriors 3
וּבְנָיָ֨הוּ one of David’s mighty warriors 2
בְּנָיָ֥ה one of David’s mighty warriors 2
וּבְנָיָֽה one of David’s mighty warriors 2
וּבְנָיָ֥הוּ one of David’s mighty warriors 2
וּבְנָיָ֑הוּ one of David’s mighty warriors 2
בְּנָיָ֖ה one of David’s mighty warriors 2
וּבְנָיָ֣הוּ one of David’s mighty warriors 1
בְּ֠נָיָה one of David’s mighty warriors 1
בְּנָיָ֤הוּ one of David’s mighty warriors 1
וּבְנָיָה֙ one of David’s mighty warriors 1
בְּנָיָ֤ה one of David’s mighty warriors 1
בְנָיָ֜הוּ one of David’s mighty warriors 1
בְּנָיָ֣הוּ one of David’s mighty warriors 1
בְּנָיָ֨ה one of David’s mighty warriors 1
וְלִבְנָיָ֖הוּ one of David’s mighty warriors 1
וְלִבְנָיָ֧הוּ one of David’s mighty warriors 1
וּבְנָיָ֜הוּ one of David’s mighty warriors 1
בְנָיָ֛הוּ one of David’s mighty warriors 1
וּבְנָיָהוּ֩ one of David’s mighty warriors 1
וּבְנָיָ֤הוּ one of David’s mighty warriors 1
וּבְנָיָ֡הוּ one of David’s mighty warriors 1
בְּנָיָֽה one of David’s mighty warriors 1

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   1 one of David’s mighty warriors, son of Jehoiada the chief priest, a Levite, set by David over his bodyguard, later having remained faithful to Solomon during Adonijah’s attempt on the crown, was raised into the place of Joab as commander-in-chief of the army.
   2 the Pirathonite, an Ephraimite, one of David’s thirty mighty warriors, and the captain of the eleventh monthly course.
   3 a Simeonite, a prince of the families of Simeon.
   4 a Levite in the time of David who played with a psaltery on Alamoth.
   5 a priest in the time of David, appointed to blow the trumpet before the ark.
   6 a Levite of the sons of Asaph.
   7 a Levite in the time of Hezekiah.
   8 Four Israelites in the time of Ezra who had taken strange wives.
   9 the father of Pelatiah.
   Additional Information: Benaiah = “Jehovah has built” or “Yahweh has built up”.

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Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Benaiah
("whom Jehovah builds up".) Son of Jehoiada, the chief priest (1 Chronicles 27:5), so of the tribe of Levi, though of Kabzeel in S. Judah (2 Samuel 23:20; 1 Chronicles 11:22; 1 Chronicles 11:25; 1 Chronicles 18:17; 1 Chronicles 27:6); set over David's body guard, the Cherethites and Pelethites (2 Samuel 8:18; 2 Samuel 20:23; 2 Samuel 23:20; 2 Samuel 23:22-23; 1 Kings 1:38). Midway between the first three of "the mighty men" (gibborim ), and the 30 "valiant men of the armies." "Mighty among the 30, and above the 30."
He earned his position by slaying "two lion-like men of Moab," and "a lion in a pit in a snowy day," and "an Egyptian of great stature, a goodly man (2 Samuel 23:21), five cubits high," out of whose hand he plucked the spear like a weaver's beam, "and slew him with his own spear" (1 Chronicles 11:22-23). Having remained faithful in Adonijah's rebellion (1 Kings 1:8; 1 Kings 1:10; 1 Kings 1:32-38; 1 Kings 1:44), and having by Solomon's command slain him and Joab, he was promoted to the latter's post as commander in chief (1 Kings 2:25; 1 Kings 2:34-35; 1 Kings 4:4). Jehoiada, father of Benaiah, was next after Ahithophel in David's court (1 Chronicles 27:34). Eight others of the name are mentioned.
1. One of David's 30 "valiant men of the armies," the Pirathonite, an Ephraimite, captain of the 11th monthly course (2 Samuel 23:30; 1 Chronicles 11:31; 1 Chronicles 27:14).
2. A Levite of David's time who "played with a psaltery on alamoth" (1 Chronicles 15:18-20; 1 Chronicles 16:5).
3. A priest in David's time who blew the trumpet before the ark (1 Chronicles 15:24; 1 Chronicles 16:6).
4. A Levite of the sons of Asaph (2 Chronicles 20:14).
5. A Levite overseer of offerings, under Hezekiah (2 Chronicles 31:13).
6. A prince in the family of Simeon (1 Chronicles 4:36).
7. Four who took strange wives (Ezra 10:25; Ezra 10:30; Ezra 10:35; Ezra 10:43).
8. Father of Pelatiah, a prince of the people, who gave presumptuous counsel against Ezekiel's inspired warnings, and was visited with death (Ezekiel 11).
Morrish Bible Dictionary - Benaiah
1. Son of Jehoiada, and officer in David's and Solomon's army, perhaps chief of their body-guard. 2 Samuel 8:18 ; 2 Samuel 20:23 ; 2 Samuel 23:20,22 ; 1 Kings 1:8-44 ; 1 Kings 2:25-46 ; 1 Kings 4:4 ; 1 Chronicles 11:24 ; 1 Chronicles 18:17 ; 1 Chronicles 27:5,6 .
2. One of David's valiant men, a Pirathonite. 2 Samuel 23:30 ; 1 Chronicles 11:31 ; 1 Chronicles 27:14 .
3. Prince of a family of Simeon. 1 Chronicles 4:36 .
4. Levite and 'porter,' 1 Chronicles 15:18,20 ; 1 Chronicles 16:5 .
5. Priest who blew the trumpet before the ark. 1 Chronicles 15:24 ; 1 Chronicles 16:6 .
6. Father of Jehoiada, one of David's counsellors. 1 Chronicles 27:34 .
7. Levite descendant of Asaph. 2 Chronicles 20:14 .
8. Levite, overseer of the temple-offerings. 2 Chronicles 31:13 .
9. Father of Pelatiah, prince of Judah. Ezekiel 11:1,13 .
10-13. Four who had married strange wives. Ezra 10:25,30,35,43 .
Holman Bible Dictionary - Benaiah
(bee nawee' uh) Personal name meaning, “Yahweh has built.” 1. Captain of David's professional soldiers (2 Samuel 8:18 ; 2 Samuel 20:23 ), known for heroic feats such as disarming an Egyptian and killing him with his own sword as well as killing a lion in the snow (2 Samuel 23:20-23 ). Still he was not among the top three military advisors of David (2 Samuel 20:23 ). His unquestioned loyalty to David led Adonijah not to include him as he attempted to replace David as king instead of Solomon (1 Kings 1:8-26 ). He followed David's orders and helped annoint Solomon as king (1 Kings 1:32-47 ). He became Solomon's executioner (1 Kings 2:25-46 ) and army commander (1 Kings 4:4 ). 2 . A. Pirathonite who is listed among the elite warriors of David known as the “thirty” (2 Samuel 23:30 ). 3 . In 1 Chronicles 4:36 , a Simeonite prince who was involved in a defeat of the Amalekites. 4. In 1 Chronicles 15:18 , a Levitical musician involved in the processional when the ark of the covenant was brought to Jerusalem. 5. In 1 Chronicles 15:24 , a priest who sounded a trumpet when the ark was brought to Jerusalem. 6. In 2 Chronicles 20:14 , an Asaphite, the grandfather of Jahaziel. 7. In 2 Chronicles 31:13 , one of the overseers who assisted in the collection of contributions in the house of the Lord during the reign of Hezekiah. 8. In Ezekiel 11:1 , the father of Pelatiah. 9. In Ezra 10:1 , the name of four Israelite men who put away their foreign wives.
Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Benaiah
BENAIAH (‘Jah hath built’). 1 . A brave soldier from Kabzeel in Judah ( 2 Samuel 23:20 ff.), captain of David’s bodyguard ( 2 Samuel 8:18 ; 2 Samuel 20:23 ). He became a partisan of Solomon’s and carried’ the mighty men,’ ‘the Cherethites and Pelethites,’ with him ( 1 Kings 1:7-8 ; 1 Kings 1:38 ). He played an important role in the young king’s coronation ( 1 Kings 1:38 ; 1 Kings 1:44 ), and was subsequently ordered to dispatch Joab, whose place as commander-in-chief he then filled ( 1 Kings 2:28-35 ). 2 . One of the thirty who formed the second class of David’s heroes ( 2 Samuel 23:22 ). He came from Pirathon in Mt. Ephraim ( 2 Samuel 23:30 , cf. Judges 12:15 ). 1 Chronicles 27:14 assigns to him the command of the course for the eleventh month, with twenty-four thousand Ephraimites under him. 3 . Some ten obscure persons of this name appear in 1 Chronicles 4:36 ; 1 Chronicles 15:18 ; 1 Chronicles 15:20 ; 1 Chronicles 15:24 ; 1 Chronicles 16:5-6 , 2 Chronicles 20:14 ; 2 Chronicles 31:13 , Ezra 10:25 ; Ezra 10:30 ; Ezra 10:35 ; Ezra 10:43 , Ezekiel 11:1 ; Ezekiel 11:13 .
J. Taylor.
Hitchcock's Bible Names - Benaiah
Son of the Lord
People's Dictionary of the Bible - Benaiah
Benaiah (be-nâ'yah). whom Jehovah has built. One of David's distinguished officers, who succeeded, after Joab's death, to the command of the Hebrew army. 2 Samuel 8:18; 2 Samuel 23:20-23. There are twelve persons of this name mentioned in the Bible.
American Tract Society Bible Dictionary - Benaiah
Son of Jehoiada, and commander of David's bodyguards. Several instances of his rare bravery are recorded, 2 Samuel 8:18 2 Samuel 23:20-23 . He adhered to Solomon when some favored the pretensions of Adonijah, slew Joab at the command of Solomon, and was made general of the army in his stead, 1 Kings 1:36 2:29-35 .

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Mamdai - MAMDAI ( 1Es 9:34 ) = Benaiah , Ezra 10:35
Ammizabad - Son of Benaiah ( 1 Chronicles 27:6 )
Banaias - 1Es 9:35 = Benaiah of Ezra 10:43
Naidus - NAIDUS ( 1E Esther 9:31 ) apparently = Benaiah , Ezra 10:30
Ammizabad - Son of Benaiah, chief captain in David's army
Ammizabad - ” Son of Benaiah, one of captains of David's army (1 Chronicles 27:6 )
Ammizabad - People of the giver, the son of Benaiah, who was the third and chief captain of the host under David (1 Chronicles 27:6 )
Ammiz'Abad - God ), the son of Benaiah, who commanded the third division of David's army
Pir'Athonite, - (Judges 12:13,15 ) ...
"Benaiah the Pirathonite of the children of Ephraim," (1 Chronicles 27:14 )
Jeho-i'Ada -
Father of Benaiah, David's well-known warrior. ) ...
According to (1 Chronicles 27:34 ) son of Benaiah; but in all probability Benaiah the sons of Jehoiada is meant
Kabzeel - Gathering of God, a city in the extreme south of Judah, near to Idumaea (Joshua 15:21 ), the birthplace of Benaiah, one of David's chief warriors (2 Samuel 23:20 ; 1 Chronicles 11:22 )
Benaiah - Benaiah (be-nâ'yah)
Aaronites - Jehoiada, the father of Benaiah, led 3,700 Aaronites as "fighting men" to the support of David at Hebron (1 Chronicles 12:27 )
Kab'ze-el - (gathered by God ), one of the "cities" of the tribe of Judah, ( Joshua 15:21 ) the native place of the great hero Benaiah ben-Jehoiada
Kabzeel - Called Jekabzeel when rebuilt after the captivity, Nehemiah 11:25, a city of the tribe of Judah, situated farthest to the south, Joshua 15:21; was the birthplace of Benaiah, the son of Jehoiada
Pirathon, Pirathonite - Pirathon ‘in the land of Ephraim’ was the home of Abdon ‘the Pirathonlte’ ( Judges 12:13 ; Judges 12:15 ), and of Benaiah, one of David’s heroes ( 2 Samuel 23:30 etc
Jehoiada - Father of Benaiah, the successor of Joab, 2 Samuel 8:18 ; 2 Samuel 20:23 etc. It is probably the same man that is referred to in 1 Chronicles 12:27 ; 1 Chronicles 27:34 , where we should probably read ‘Benaiah the son of Jehoiada
Pirathon, Pirathonite - The town in the hill country of Ephraim was the home of the judge Abdon (Judges 12:13 ,Judges 12:13,12:15 ) and of Benaiah, one of David's elite warriors (2 Samuel 23:30 ; 1 Chronicles 11:31 )
Kabzeel - The home of Benaiah, an officer under David and Solomon (2 Samuel 23:20 ; 1 Chronicles 11:22 )
Pelatiah - One seen in a vision by Ezekiel, described as son of Benaiah, and who devised mischief and gave wicked counsel in the city, He died when Ezekiel prophesied
Pirathon - David's eleventh captain for the eleventh month was of Pirathon, Benaiah of Ephraim (1 Chronicles 27:14)
Bodyguard - Members of a king's bodyguard mentioned in the Bible include: David (1 Samuel 22:14 ; 1 Samuel 28:2 ), Benaiah ben Jehoiada (2 Samuel 23:23 ), Potiphar (Genesis 37:36 ), Nebuzaradan (2 Kings 25:8 ; Jeremiah 39:9-13 ; Jeremiah 52:12-16 ), and Arioch (Daniel 2:14 )
Jehoiada - The father of Benaiah, which see. By a copyist's error, Benaiah is said to have been the father of Jehoiada instead of the son
Jehoiada - Father of Benaiah one of David's officers. Son of Benaiah and one of David's counsellors
Ariel - ]'>[1] of 2 Samuel 23:20 , 1 Chronicles 11:22 ) whose two sons were slain by Benaiah
Pelethites - Their leader was Benaiah (2 Samuel 8:18 )
Executioner - In Solomon's day Benaiah the chief of the army was called to fulfil this office, 1 Kings 2:25,34,46 , though doubtless the 'chief ' had others under him that actually carried the king's word into execution, unless the persons were of high rank
Ariel - In 2 Samuel 23:20 ; 1 Chronicles 11:22 , we read that Benaiah slow two 'lion-like men,' which some prefer to translate 'two [1] of Ariel
Pelati'ah - ) ...
The son of Benaiah
Cherethites - They were such good soldiers that David, upon conquering the Philistines, used them to form his personal bodyguard, under the command of the tough Benaiah (2 Samuel 8:18; 2 Samuel 20:23)
Bena'Iah - (1 Chronicles 27:5 ) Benaiah remained faithful to Solomon during Adonijah's attempt on the crown, (1 Kings 1:8,10,32,38,44 ) and was raised unto the place of Joab as commander-in-chief of the whole army. ) ...
Benaiah the Pirathonite, an Ephraimite, one of David's thirty mighty men, (2 Samuel 23:30 ; 1 Chronicles 11:31 ) and the captain of the eleventh monthly course
Jehoiada -
The father of Benaiah, who was one of David's chief warriors (2 Samuel 8:18 ; 20:23 )
Joab - He was afterwards slain by Benaiah, by the command of Solomon, in accordance with his father's injunction (2 Samuel 3:29 ; 20:5-13 ), at the altar to which he had fled for refuge. Benaiah succeeded him as commander-in-chief of the army
a'Riel - ) The word occurs also in reference to two Moabites slain by Benaiah
Jehoiada - Father of Benaiah, David's military leader (2 Samuel 8:18 ) apparently from Kabzeel (2 Samuel 23:20 )
Adonijah - But God had showed David that Solomon was to succeed him (1 Chronicles 28:5), and Solomon had the support of the commander of the royal bodyguard Benaiah, the other leading priest Zadok, and the prophet Nathan (1 Kings 1:8)
Benaiah - Benaiah (‘Jah hath built’)
Cherethites And Pelethites - Benaiah, whom Josephus calls ‘captain of the guard’ ( Ant
Kabzeel - (See Benaiah was of Kabzeel (2 Samuel 23:20; 1 Chronicles 11:22). Benaiah's "slaying two lion-like men of Moab" accords with the position of Kadesh toward Moab; also "the lion in a pit on a snowy day" accords with there being dense jungle, the haunt of wild beasts, in the neighbourhood
Hunting - Deeds of prowess in the slaughter of such animals by Samson in self-defence ( Judges 14:6 ), David the shepherd to rescue his charges ( 1 Samuel 17:34 ), and Benaiah ( 2 Samuel 23:20 ) gained for these men abiding fame. ) would read of Benaiah: ‘He used to go down and smite the lions in the pit on snowy days,’ when he could track them easily
Cherethims - Benaiah was their commander (2 Samuel 23:23)
Adonijah - ...
Nathan the prophet, Zadok (Eleazar's descendant, and so of the older line of priesthood), Benaiah son of Jehoiada, captain of the king's guard, Shimei and Rei (or Shimma, Raddai), David's own brothers, supported Solomon. ) Benaiah dispatched him
Joab - Although Joab fled to the tabernacle for sanctuary, Solomon ordered Benaiah to kill Joab (1 Kings 2:1 )
Adoni'Jah - (1 Kings 1:3 ) This was regarded as equivalent to a fresh attempt on the throne [4]; and therefore Solomon ordered him to be put to death by Benaiah
jo'ab - Joab fled to the shelter of the altar at Gibeon, and was here slain by Benaiah
Benaiah - Jehoiada, father of Benaiah, was next after Ahithophel in David's court (1 Chronicles 27:34)
Gibeon - Retributively it was here also that Joab met his doom from Benaiah while clinging to the brazen altar of the tabernacle at Gibeon (1 Kings 2:28-34; 1 Chronicles 16:39-41
Abner - This last was accomplished, according to David's dying injunction, by the direction of King Solomon, and Joab was slain by Benaiah
Measure - A “man of measure” is one of great “stature or size”: “And he [5] slew an Egyptian, a man of great stature, five cubits [6] high …” ( Adonijah - Even so it is very doubtful whether Bathsheba would have succeeded in her plan had it not been that she was enabled to gain Benaiah to her side; as captain of the king’s body-guard (the Cherethites and Pelethites), Beuaiah was the man upon whom the issue really depended, for he commanded the only armed troops that were immediately available. Such a desire was naturally interpreted by Solomon as an intention of seeking the kingdom ( 1 Kings 2:22 ), and self-preservation compelled him to decree Adonijah’s death, a sentence which was carried out by Benaiah ( 1 Kings 2:25 )
Nathan - Nathan, along with Zadok, the priest, Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, Shimei, Rei, and David's mighty men, opposed Adonijah
Shimei, Shimeites - ’ After this Shimei is not permitted to go beyond the walls of Jerusalem on pain of death; but presuming three years later to go to Gath in quest of fugitive slaves, he is executed by Benaiah at the command of the king ( 1Ki 2:8 ff
Amen - ...
When David declared that Solomon should be his successor, Benaiah said "Amen: the Lord God of my lord the king say so too
Lion - Benaiah slew one in a pit or cistern, in which it had taken refuge in a snowstorm (2 Samuel 23:20)
Gibeon - To the altar of burnt-offering which was at Gibeon, Joab (1 Kings 2:28-34 ), who had taken the side of Adonijah, fled for sanctuary in the beginning of Solomon's reign, and was there also slain by the hand of Benaiah
Lion - Samson, Judges 14:5-6; David, 1 Samuel 17:34-36; Benaiah, 2 Samuel 23:20)
Believe - It functions as an assertion of a person’s agreement with the intent of a speech just delivered: “And Benaiah the son of Jehoiada answered the king, and said, Amen: the Lord God of my lord the king say so too. ” However, the context shows that Benaiah meant to give more than just verbal assent; his 'âmên committed him to carry out the wishes of King David
Shimei - His breach of his own oath brought on him the king's threatened penalty; he was slain by Benaiah
Jehoiada - Father of Benaiah. Benaiah's son, named after his grandfather; succeeded to Ahithophel as one of David's chief counselors (1 Chronicles 27:34)
Samson - , further, the stories of Polydamas, David ( 1 Samuel 17:34 ), Benaiah ( 2 Samuel 23:20 ); for the sacred hair or lock, cf
Amen - In the mouth of Benaiah (1 Kings 1:36) and Jeremiah (Jeremiah 28:6) it appears as first word in the sentence, as a strong form of assent to a previous statement
da'Vid - (Genesis 15:18-21 ) During the succeeding ten years the nations bordering on his kingdom caused David more or less trouble, but during this time he reduced to a state of permanent subjection the Philistines on the west, (2 Samuel 8:1 ) the Moabites on the east, (2 Samuel 8:2 ) by the exploits of Benaiah, (2 Samuel 23:20 ) the Syrians on the northeast as far as the Euphrates, (2 Samuel 8:3 ) the Edomites, (2 Samuel 8:14 ) on the south; and finally the Ammonites, who had broken their ancient alliance, and made one grand resistance to the advance of his empire
Moab - Probably some act of perfidy of Moab, as the murder or treacherous delivering of his parents to Saul, caused David 20 years afterward to slay two thirds of the people, and make bondmen and tributaries of the rest (2 Samuel 8:2; in this war Benaiah slew two lion-like men, 2 Samuel 23:20; compare also Psalms 60:8, "Moab is my washpot"; yet among David's heroes was "Ithmah the Moabite," 1 Chronicles 11:22; Jeremiah 25:9-210), fulfilling Balaam's prophecy, Numbers 24:17; Numbers 24:19; "out of Jacob shall come he that shall destroy him that remaineth of Ar" (Hebrew, namely, of Moab)
Hosanna - Hosanna was, says Alford (on Matthew 21:9), ‘originally a formula of supplication, but [1] conventionally [2] of gratulation, so that it is followed by a dative, and by “in the highest,”—meaning “may it also be ratified in heaven,”—and he cites 1 Kings 1:36, where Benaiah answers David, saying, ‘Amen: the Lord, the God of my lord the king, say so too
Aaron - Aaron's descendants, to the number of 3,700 fighting men, with Jehoiada, father of Benaiah, their head, joined David at Hebron (1 Chronicles 12:27; 1 Chronicles 27:17); subsequently, Zadok was their chief, "a young man mighty of valor
Joab - That letter was still deep down in Joab's breast-pocket when Benaiah at David's demand fell upon him and slew him in spite of the horns of the altar
Solomon - ) By the interposition of Nathan the prophet, Zadok the priest, Benaiah, Shimei, and Rei, David's mighty men, Solomon was at David's command taken on the king's own mule to Gihon, anointed, and proclaimed king