What does Avellino, Andrew, Saint mean in the Bible?


1910 New Catholic Dictionary - Avellino, Andrew, Saint
Confessor, born Castronuovo, Sicily, 1521; died Naples, 1608. His baptismal name was Lancelot, but he took the name Andrew when he entered the Order of Theatines. After studying canon and civillaw at Naples, he took his degree and was ordained priest, 1547. He served as master of the novices and was later elected superior of the house at Naples. Renowned for his zeal for strict religious discipline and for his humility and piety, he was commissioned by his superior to found houses at Milan and Piacenza, and held the post of superior at several convents. Saint Charles Borromeo was his intimate friend; Andrew's letters were published at Naples, 1731. He died of apoplexy while saying Mass. Patron of Naples and Sicily; invoked against sudden death and apoplexy. Canonized, 1712. Relics at Naples. Feast, Roman Calendar, November 10,.