The Meaning of Psalms 119:165 Explained

Psalms 119:165

KJV: Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.

YLT: Abundant peace have those loving Thy law, And they have no stumbling-block.

Darby: Great peace have they that love thy law, and nothing doth stumble them.

ASV: Great peace have they that love thy law; And they have no occasion of stumbling.

What does Psalms 119:165 Mean?

Context Summary

Psalms 119:161-170 - Jehovah Inspires Continual Praise
What a noble conclusion we reach in these closing stanzas! I rejoice at thy word; thy law do I love; seven times a day do I praise thee; let my lips utter praise; let my tongue sing; let my soul live and it shall praise thee. There are many beautiful things in the world around us. We eat and drink and sleep; we read and meditate; we walk in the pleasant fields of nature. We have our homes, our loved ones, the respect and good-will of many. But, above all, we have God, and His Word, our eternal hope, and blessed foretastes of the heaven that is to be. Surely we should be less peevish and morose! We should rejoice in every good thing that the Lord our God gives us. We should take the cup brimming with salvation and praise His holy Name. "He that hath so many causes of joy must be very much in love with sorrow, who chooses to turn aside and sit upon his little handful of thorns." And is not this the most wonderful of all, that though we were going astray like lost sheep, the Great Shepherd Himself came to seek and to save? Te Deum Laudamus! [source]

Chapter Summary: Psalms 119

1  This psalm contains various prayers, praises, and professions of obedience
2  Aleph
9  Beth
17  Gimel
25  Daleth
33  He
41  Waw
49  Zayin
57  Heth
65  Teth
73  Yodh
81  Kaph
89  Lamedh
97  Mem
105  Nun
113  Samekh
121  Ayin
129  Pe
137  Tsadhe
145  Qoph
153  Resh
161  Sin and Shin
169  Taw