The Meaning of Numbers 33:35 Explained

Numbers 33:35

KJV: And they departed from Ebronah, and encamped at Eziongaber.

YLT: And they journey from Ebronah, and encamp in Ezion-Gaber;

Darby: And they removed from Abronah, and encamped at Ezion-geber.

ASV: And they journeyed from Abronah, and encamped in Ezion-geber.

KJV Reverse Interlinear

And they departed  from Ebronah,  and encamped  at Eziongaber. 

What does Numbers 33:35 Mean?

Context Summary

Numbers 33:1-37 - The Itinerary Of The Wanderings
This record of ineffectual marches is full of pathetic interest and warning. If these halting-places had been in the straight line of march for the Land of Promise there had been little room for regret. But they were not. They recall journeys that need never to have been taken. The tribes crossed and re-crossed the desert, marking time while the bodies of the murmurers fell in the Wilderness and were wrapped about with the desert sands.
Such is the doom of unbelief. To effect nothing, to miss the rest of God, and to perish on the threshold of achievement-such is the experience of the soul described in James 1:6. God has given us in Christ the promise of rest, victory and satisfaction; let us enter upon our inheritance! [source]

Chapter Summary: Numbers 33

1  The forty-two journeys of the Israelites
50  The Canaanites are to be destroyed

What do the individual words in Numbers 33:35 mean?

And they departed from Abronah and camped at Ezion Geber
וַיִּסְע֖וּ מֵֽעַבְרֹנָ֑ה וַֽיַּחֲנ֖וּ בְּעֶצְי֥וֹן גָּֽבֶר

וַיִּסְע֖וּ  And  they  departed 
Parse: Conjunctive waw, Verb, Qal, Consecutive imperfect, third person masculine plural
Root: נָסַע  
Sense: to pull out, pull up, set out, journey, remove, set forward, depart.
מֵֽעַבְרֹנָ֑ה  from  Abronah 
Parse: Preposition-m, Proper Noun, feminine singular
Root: עַבְרֹנָה  
Sense: one of the stations of the Israelites in the wilderness immediately preceding Ezion-geber.
וַֽיַּחֲנ֖וּ  and  camped 
Parse: Conjunctive waw, Verb, Qal, Consecutive imperfect, third person masculine plural
Root: חָנָה  
Sense: to decline, incline, encamp, bend down, lay siege against.
בְּעֶצְי֥וֹן  at 
Parse: Preposition
גָּֽבֶר  Ezion  Geber 
Parse: Preposition, Proper Noun, feminine singular
Root: עֶצְיׄון גֶּבֶר  
Sense: the last station during the exodus of the Israelites before they came to the wilderness of Zin; located near Elath at the head of the Gulf of Akaba.