The Meaning of Luke 23:17 Explained

Luke 23:17

KJV: (For of necessity he must release one unto them at the feast.)

YLT: for it was necessary for him to release to them one at every feast,

Darby: ( Now he was obliged to release one for them at the feast.)

ASV: Now he must needs release unto them at the feast one prisoner.

What does Luke 23:17 Mean?

Verse Meaning

Many ancient manuscripts do not contain Luke 23:17. Probably scribes influenced by Matthew 27:15 and or Mark 15:6 added it to early copies of this Gospel.

Context Summary

Luke 23:13-25 - Barabbas Or Christ?
Herod's moral nature had become almost extinguished by a long course of immorality and cruelty. While the Baptist lived, he had "done many things" and heard John gladly; but when the beheading of this faithful witness on his own orders had taken place, the royal sinner went headlong to ruin. He treated this incident with flippant levity. The gorgeous raiment, being an imitation of the royal apparel of the Jewish kings, may have suggested the inscription affixed to the cross.
By giving the people the alternative of Christ or Barabbas, Pilate expected that they would certainly choose the former. To his dismay, this second effort to salve his conscience without endangering his reputation failed. So he drifted and sold his soul for power. Each of us has to choose between Christ and Barabbas, between the self-surrender of the Cross and brutal selfishness. Barabbas must have stolen to the Cross in the afternoon and said, as he stood there: "He hangs where I should have been. I am saved by His death." [source]

Chapter Summary: Luke 23

1  Jesus is accused before Pilate, and sent to Herod
8  Herod mocks him
12  Herod and Pilate become friends
13  Barabbas is desired of the people,
24  and is released by Pilate, and Jesus is given to be crucified
26  He tells the women, that lament him, the destruction of Jerusalem;
34  prays for his enemies
39  Two criminals are crucified with him
46  His death
50  His burial

What do the individual words in Luke 23:17 mean?

of necessity now he had to release to them at [the] feast one
⧼Ἀνάγκην δὲ εἴχεν ἀπολύειν αὐτοῖς κατὰ ἑορτὴν ἕνα⧽

⧼Ἀνάγκην  of  necessity 
Parse: Noun, Accusative Feminine Singular
Root: ἀνάγκη  
Sense: necessity, imposed either by the circumstances, or by law of duty regarding to one’s advantage, custom, argument.
δὲ  now 
Parse: Conjunction
Root: δέ  
Sense: but, moreover, and, etc.
εἴχεν  he  had 
Parse: Verb, Imperfect Indicative Active, 3rd Person Singular
Root: ἔχω  
Sense: to have, i.e. to hold.
ἀπολύειν  to  release 
Parse: Verb, Present Infinitive Active
Root: ἀπολύω  
Sense: to set free.
αὐτοῖς  to  them 
Parse: Personal / Possessive Pronoun, Dative Masculine 3rd Person Plural
Root: αὐτός  
Sense: himself, herself, themselves, itself.
κατὰ  at 
Parse: Preposition
Root: κατά 
Sense: down from, through out.
ἑορτὴν  [the]  feast 
Parse: Noun, Accusative Feminine Singular
Root: ἑορτή  
Sense: a feast day, festival.
ἕνα⧽  one 
Parse: Adjective, Accusative Masculine Singular
Root: εἷς  
Sense: one.

What are the major concepts related to Luke 23:17?

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