The Meaning of Leviticus 7:13 Explained

Leviticus 7:13

KJV: Besides the cakes, he shall offer for his offering leavened bread with the sacrifice of thanksgiving of his peace offerings.

YLT: besides the cakes, fermented bread he doth bring near with his offering, besides the sacrifice of thank-offering of his peace-offerings;

Darby: Besides the cakes, he shall present his offering of leavened bread with the sacrifice of his peace-offering of thanksgiving.

ASV: With cakes of leavened bread he shall offer his oblation with the sacrifice of his peace-offerings for thanksgiving.

What does Leviticus 7:13 Mean?

Study Notes

The use of leaven here is significant. Peace with God is something which the believer shares with God. Christ is our peace-offering Ephesians 2:13 . Any thanksgiving for peace must, first of all, present Him. In Leviticus 7:12 we have this, in type, and so leaven is excluded. In Leviticus 7:13 it is the offerer who gives thanks for his participation in the peace, and so leaven fitly signifies, that though having peace with God through the work of another, there is still evil in him. This is illustrated in Amos 4:5 where the evil in Israel is before God.

Context Summary

Leviticus 7:11-21 - Law Of The Peace-Offering
Here begins the law of the peace-offerings, containing additional directions to those given in Leviticus 3:1-17. They are classified as (1) thank-offerings, (2) vow-offerings and (3) voluntary-offerings. When the soul is full of gratitude, as was Hannah when Samuel was granted her in answer to prayer, what is more natural than that it should render some tangible recognition to Him, from whom cometh every good and perfect gift!
We are ready enough to cry to God in times of great sorrow, but are too forgetful of His benefits when the cloud passes and the sun shines again. In Israel the recognition took the form of a feast, in which the divine fire and the suppliant seem to feed together. The careful prohibition of the flesh remaining over was probably to teach that fresh mercies call for new songs. It had the further result of enforcing a liberal distribution of food among the poor. See also the connection of this thought with Psalms 16:10. [source]

Chapter Summary: Leviticus 7

1  The law of the trespass offering
11  and of the peace offering
12  whether it be for a thanksgiving
16  or a vow, or a free will offering
22  the fat and the blood are forbidden
28  The priests' portion in the peace offerings
35  The whole summed up

What do the individual words in Leviticus 7:13 mean?

Besides the cakes bread leavened he shall offer [as] his offering with the sacrifice of thanksgiving of his peace offering
עַל־ חַלֹּת֙ לֶ֣חֶם חָמֵ֔ץ יַקְרִ֖יב קָרְבָּנ֑וֹ עַל־ זֶ֖בַח תּוֹדַ֥ת שְׁלָמָֽיו

עַל־  Besides 
Parse: Preposition
Root: עַל 
Sense: upon, on the ground of, according to, on account of, on behalf of, concerning, beside, in addition to, together with, beyond, above, over, by, on to, towards, to, against.
חַלֹּת֙  the  cakes 
Parse: Noun, feminine plural
Root: חַלָּה  
Sense: cake, cake (if pierced) (probably perforated).
לֶ֣חֶם  bread 
Parse: Noun, masculine singular construct
Root: לֶחֶם  
Sense: bread, food, grain.
חָמֵ֔ץ  leavened 
Parse: Noun, masculine singular
Root: חָמֵץ 
Sense: the thing leavened, leaven.
יַקְרִ֖יב  he  shall  offer 
Parse: Verb, Hifil, Imperfect, third person masculine singular
Root: קָרַב  
Sense: to come near, approach, enter into, draw near.
קָרְבָּנ֑וֹ  [as]  his  offering 
Parse: Noun, masculine singular construct, third person masculine singular
Root: קָרְבָּן 
Sense: offering, oblation.
זֶ֖בַח  the  sacrifice 
Parse: Noun, masculine singular construct
Root: זֶבַח  
Sense: sacrifice.
תּוֹדַ֥ת  of  thanksgiving 
Parse: Noun, feminine singular construct
Root: תֹּודָה  
Sense: confession, praise, thanksgiving.
שְׁלָמָֽיו  of  his  peace  offering 
Parse: Noun, masculine plural construct, third person masculine singular
Root: שֶׁלֶם  
Sense: peace offering, requital, sacrifice for alliance or friendship.

What are the major concepts related to Leviticus 7:13?

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