The Meaning of Jonah 4 Explained

Jonah 4

[1] Jonah  exceedingly,  and he was very angry.  [2] And he prayed  and said,  I pray  was not this my saying,  when I was yet in my country?  Therefore I fled  before  unto Tarshish:  for I knew  that thou art a gracious  God,  and merciful,  slow  to anger,  and of great  kindness,  and repentest  thee of the evil.  [3] Therefore now, O LORD,  take,  I beseech thee, my life  from me; for it is better  for me to die  than to live.  [4] Then said  the LORD,  Doest thou well  to be angry?  [5] So Jonah  went out  of the city,  and sat  on the east side  of the city,  and there made  him a booth,  and sat  under it in the shadow,  till he might see  what would become of the city.  [6] And the LORD  God  prepared  a gourd,  and made it to come up  over Jonah,  that it might be a shadow  over his head,  to deliver  him from his grief.  So Jonah  was exceeding  glad  of the gourd.  [7] But God  prepared  a worm  when the morning  rose  the next day,  and it smote  the gourd  that it withered.  [8] And it came to pass, when the sun  did arise,  that God  prepared  a vehement  east  wind;  and the sun  beat  upon the head  of Jonah,  that he fainted,  and wished  in himself  to die,  and said,  It is better  than to live.  [9] And God  said  to Jonah,  Doest thou well  to be angry  for the gourd?  And he said,  I do well  to be angry,  even unto death.  [10] Then said  the LORD,  Thou hast had pity  on the gourd,  for the which thou hast not laboured,  neither madest it grow;  which came up in a night,  and perished  in a night:  [11] And should not I spare  Nineveh,  that great  city,  wherein are  more  than sixscore  thousand  persons  that cannot discern  between their right hand  and their left hand;  and also much  cattle? 

What does Jonah 4 Mean?

Chapter Summary: Jonah 4

1  Jonah repining at God's mercy,
4  is reproved by the type of a withering vine

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