The Meaning of Exodus 28:42 Explained

Exodus 28:42

KJV: And thou shalt make them linen breeches to cover their nakedness; from the loins even unto the thighs they shall reach:

YLT: 'And make thou for them linen trousers to cover the naked flesh: they are from the loins even unto the thighs;

Darby: And thou shalt make them linen trousers to cover the flesh of nakedness; from the loins even to the hips shall they reach.

ASV: And thou shalt make them linen breeches to cover the flesh of their nakedness; from the loins even unto the thighs they shall reach:

What does Exodus 28:42 Mean?

Context Summary

Exodus 28:31-43 - Aaron's Holy Garments
The robe was worn under the ephod. It was of blue, the color of heaven, of deep lakes, of the gentian and the forget-me-not. It was of one piece. See John 19:23. It ended in a fringe, in which bells and pomegranates alternated. We are as the skirts of his garments, and the holy oil will reach us there, so the psalmist says. See Psalms 133:2. We may receive the unction of the holy Christ. The Spirit so richly given to Him may anoint even us, and it will reveal itself in the fruit of the pomegranate and the sweetness of the golden bell. Aaron's head plate bore an inscription, which the prophet tells us should be written also on our commonest duties and most prosaic service. See Zechariah 14:20-21. For ordinary priests the clothing was very simple. Pure white linen! Such is the garb which befits us all! Revelation 19:8. [source]

Chapter Summary: Exodus 28

1  Aaron and his sons are set apart for the priest's office
2  Holy garments are appointed
6  The ephod and girdle
15  The breast-plate with twelve precious stones
30  The Urim and Thummim
31  The robe of the ephod, with pomegranates and bells
36  The plate of the mitre
39  The embroidered coat
40  The garments for Aaron's sons

What do the individual words in Exodus 28:42 mean?

And you shall make for them trousers linen to cover - their nakedness from the waist and to the thighs they shall reach
וַעֲשֵׂ֤ה לָהֶם֙ מִכְנְסֵי־ בָ֔ד לְכַסּ֖וֹת בְּשַׂ֣ר עֶרְוָ֑ה מִמָּתְנַ֥יִם וְעַד־ יְרֵכַ֖יִם יִהְיֽוּ

וַעֲשֵׂ֤ה  And  you  shall  make 
Parse: Conjunctive waw, Verb, Qal, Imperative, masculine singular
Root: עָשָׂה 
Sense: to do, fashion, accomplish, make.
לָהֶם֙  for  them 
Parse: Preposition, third person masculine plural
מִכְנְסֵי־  trousers 
Parse: Noun, mdc
Root: מִכְנָס  
Sense: underwear, drawers, trousers.
בָ֔ד  linen 
Parse: Noun, masculine singular
Root: בַּד  
Sense: linen, white linen.
לְכַסּ֖וֹת  to  cover 
Parse: Preposition-l, Verb, Piel, Infinitive construct
Root: כָּסָה  
Sense: to cover, conceal, hide.
בְּשַׂ֣ר  - 
Parse: Noun, masculine singular construct
Root: בָּשָׂר  
Sense: flesh.
עֶרְוָ֑ה  their  nakedness 
Parse: Noun, feminine singular
Root: עֶרְוָה  
Sense: nakedness, nudity, shame, pudenda.
מִמָּתְנַ֥יִם  from  the  waist 
Parse: Preposition-m, Noun, md
Root: מָתְנַיִם  
Sense: loins, hips.
וְעַד־  and  to 
Parse: Conjunctive waw, Preposition
Root: עַד  
Sense: as far as, even to, until, up to, while, as far as.
יְרֵכַ֖יִם  the  thighs 
Parse: Noun, fd
Root: יָרֵךְ  
Sense: thigh, side, loin, base.
יִהְיֽוּ  they  shall  reach 
Parse: Verb, Qal, Imperfect, third person masculine plural
Root: אֶהְיֶה 
Sense: to be, become, come to pass, exist, happen, fall out.