Places Study on Wilderness of Judea

Places Study on Wilderness of Judea

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Engedi - It stood near the middle of the western shore of the Dead sea, twenty-five or thirty miles south- east of Jerusalem, in the edge of the loftiest part of the Wilderness of Judea, a region full of rocks and caverns, 1 Samuel 23:29 Ezekiel 47:10
Snail - This was probably the sand-lizard, of which there are many species in the Wilderness of Judea and the Sinai peninsula
Kidron - It runs in a winding course through the Wilderness of Judea to the north-western shore of the Dead Sea
Wilderness - " The "Wilderness of Judea" (Matthew 3:1 ) is a wild, barren region, lying between the Dead Sea and the Hebron Mountains
Judea - ... The "Wilderness of Judea," in which John began to preach, and where Christ was tempted, seems to have been in the eastern part of Judah, adjacent to the Dead sea, and stretching towards Jericho, 2 Samuel 15:28
John - When John the Baptist began his ministry in the Wilderness of Judea, John, with many others, gathered round him, and was deeply influenced by his teaching
Wilderness - John the Baptist appeared in the Wilderness of Judea as the promised prophetic forerunner (Matthew 3:1-3 ; Mark 1:2-4 ; Luke 3:2-6 ; John 1:23 )
David - The jealousy of Saul, however, at length drove him to seek refuge in the Wilderness of Judea; where he soon gathered a band of six hundred men, whom he kept in perfect control and employed only against the enemies of the land
Bible, Texts And Versions - Others were found further south in the Wilderness of Judea and at Masada
Demoniac - And," they continue, "we think ourselves entitled to hold our religion as true, and to regard it as in the highest degree beneficial, though we must allow, at the same time, that the magicians of Egypt performed many wonderful works by the agency of wicked, spirits; that the sorceress of Endor was in league with the powers of darkness, and that Christ was literally tempted โ€˜of the devil,' in the Wilderness of Judea
Palestine - The eastern slopes form the barren and rugged โ€œWilderness of Judea,โ€ then fall abruptly to the floor of the Jordan Valley
Judea - Matthew is called the Wilderness of Judea, being described by St