Places Study on Timnath-heres

Places Study on Timnath-heres

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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Timnath-heres
TIMNATH-HERES (in Joshua 19:50 ; Joshua 24:30 written Timnath-serah ). A place assigned to Joshua as an inheritance and burying-place ( Judges 2:9 ). It is described as being ‘In Mt. Ephraim, on the N. side of the Mountain of Gaash.’ See next article.

H. L. Willett.

Easton's Bible Dictionary - Timnath-heres
Portion of the sun, where Joshua was buried (Judges 2:9 ). It was "in the mount of Ephraim, in the north side of the hill Gaash," 10 miles south-west of Shechem. The same as the following.

Holman Bible Dictionary - Timnath-heres
; TIMNATH-SERAH (Tihm' nath-hee' reez; tihm' nath-ssee' ruh) Place of Joshua's inheritance and burial (Judges 2:9 ; Joshua 19:50 ; Joshua 24:30 ). Timnath-Heres means, “portion of the sun,” suggesting a site dedicated to sun worship (Judges 2:9 ). Timnath-Serah means, “remaining portion,” pointing to land given to Joshua following distribution of land to the tribes (Joshua 19:50 ; Joshua 24:30 ). The site is identified with khirbet Tibneh about seventeen miles southwest of Shechem.

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Timnath Heres
("portion of the sun".) Joshua's city and burial place, previously Timnath Serah, "portion of abundance" (Judges 2:9), the consonants being transposed subsequently, to refer to Joshua's miracle when the sun stood (Joshua 19:50). In Mount Ephraim on the N. side of Mount Gaash. (See GAASH.) Jerome draws our admiration to the fact that "the distributor of possessions chose for himself a mountainous and rugged portion," noble disinterestedness. Christian tradition identifies Timnath Heres with Tibneh on the Roman road from Antipatris to Jerusalem. But Kefr Haris is the more probable site, nine miles S. of Nablus. The Samaritans make it the burial place of Joshua and of Caleb; there are two sacred spots E. of it: namely neby Κifl , "prophet of the division by lot," i.e. Joshua; and neby Culda , possibly a corruption of Caleb. The fact that the Jews venerate a place in Samaria as Joshua's tomb is a presumption in favor of this site.

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Timnath-heres
Or Timnath-serah

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Timnath-Serah - It is also written "Timnath-heres"=portion of the sun
Timnath-Heres - Timnath-heres (in Joshua 19:50 ; Joshua 24:30 written Timnath-serah )
Timnath-Serah - Or Timnath-heres, Judges 2:9 , a town in Ephraim, which yielded to Joshua a home, an income, and a burial-place, Joshua 19:50 ; 24:30
Ephraim, Mount - Scripture specifies that the following cities were located in the hill country of Ephraim: Bethel (Judges 4:5 ); Gibeah (Joshua 24:33 ); Ramah (Judges 4:5 ); Shamir (Judges 10:1 ); Shechem (Joshua 20:7 ); Timnath-heres or -serah (Joshua 19:50 ; Judges 2:9 )
Timnath-Heres - Timnath-heres means, “portion of the sun,” suggesting a site dedicated to sun worship (Judges 2:9 )
Ephraim, Mount - Joshua was buried at Timnath-heres among the mountains of Ephraim, on the north side of the hill of Gaash (Judges 2:9 )
Heres - See also Ir-ha-heres, Timnath-heres, Timnath-serah
Timnath-Serah - Remaining portion, the city of Joshua in the hill country of Ephraim, the same as Timnath-heres (Joshua 19:50 ; 24:30 )
Tim'Nath-se'Rah - " In (Judges 2:9 ) the name is altered to Timnath-heres
Timnath-Serah - of the Mountain of Gaash ( Judges 2:9 Timnath-heres )
Joshua - He was buried in Timnath-serah ( Joshua 19:50 ; Joshua 24:30 ) or Timnath-heres ( Judges 2:9 ), in the hill-country of Ephraim