Places Study on Telem

Places Study on Telem

Joshua 15: Ziph, and Telem, and Bealoth,
Ezra 10: Of the singers also; Eliashib: and of the porters; Shallum, and Telem, and Uri.

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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Telem
TELEM . 1. A gatekeeper who had married a foreign wife ( Ezra 10:24 ); called in Esther 9:25 Esther 9:25 Tolbanes ; perhaps the same as Talmon of Nehemiah 12:25 . Nehemiah 12:2 . See Telaim.

Easton's Bible Dictionary - Telem
A porter of the temple in the time of (Ezra 10:24 ).

A town in the southern border of Judah (Joshua 15:24 ); probably the same as Telaim.

Holman Bible Dictionary - Telem
(tee' lehm) Personal and place name meaning, “brightness” or “lamb.” 1. Levite with a foreign wife (Ezra 10:24 ). 2 . City in southern Judah (Joshua 15:24 ), a variant form of Telaim.

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Telem
A city in the extreme S. of Judah (Joshua 15:24). (See TELAIM.) Conjectured to be Kubbet el Baul, bordering on the Dhullam Arabs.

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Telem
Their dew; their shadow
Morrish Bible Dictionary - Telem
1. City in the extreme south of Judah. Joshua 15:24 .

2. One who had married a strange wife. Ezra 10:24 .

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Tolbanes - See Telem, 1
Telaim - The earliest Greek translation of 1 Samuel 27:8 reads “from Telem” rather than “from old. ” See Telem
Telaim - Young lambs, a place at which Saul gathered his army to fight against Amalek (1 Samuel 15:4 ); probably the same as Telem (2)
Tel'a-im - (lambs ), the place at which Saul collected and numbered his forces before his attack on Amalek, ( 1 Samuel 16:4 ) may be identical with Telem , which see
Talmon - See, also, Telem
Telem - Telem
Telaim - A more suitable locality for the place of assembly would, however, be in the Negeb, or South; and here lay Telem ( Joshua 15:24 ), with which Telaim is probably identical
Ziph -
In the south, named between Ithnan and Telem
Amalek, Amalekites - The boundaries of the habitat of the Amalekites at this time are said to have been from Telem, one of the southern cities of Judah ( Joshua 15:24 ), to Shur on the way to Egypt ( 1 Samuel 15:4 ). Most modern critics also read Telem for Havilah in 1 Samuel 15:7 , and for ‘ of old ’ in 1 Samuel 27:8