Places Study on Tel-abib

Places Study on Tel-abib

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Easton's Bible Dictionary - Tel-abib
Hill of corn, a place on the river Chebar, the residence of Ezekiel (Ezekiel 3:15 ). The site is unknown.

Holman Bible Dictionary - Tel-abib
(tehl-ay' bihb) Place name meaning, “mound of the flood” or “mound of grain.” Tel-Abib on the Chebar Canal near Nippur in Babylon was home to Ezekiel and other Exiles (Ezekiel 3:15 ). The Babylonians may have thought it was the ruined site of the original flood.

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Tel-abib
The "hill" or "mound" Abib. The place of Ezekiel's residence among the Jewish captives in Babylonia, on the Chebar, a branch of the Euphrates (Ezekiel 3:15); the nahr Μalcha , Nebuchadnezzar's royal canal.

People's Dictionary of the Bible - Tel-abib
Tel-abib (tĕl-â'bib), corn hill. A place in Babylonia where some of the Jewish captives were stationed. It was by the river of Chebar; but its precise site is doubtful. Ezekiel 3:15.

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Tel-Aviv - (tehl-ay veev') See Tel-abib
Tel-Abib - Tel-abib (tĕl-â'bib), corn hill
Tel-Abib - ” Tel-abib on the Chebar Canal near Nippur in Babylon was home to Ezekiel and other Exiles (Ezekiel 3:15 )
Ezekiel - He was one of the Jewish exiles who settled at Tel-abib, on the banks of the Chebar, "in the land of the Chaldeans
Dispersion - Probably 50,000 were transported, and Jewish communities were formed in Babylonia at many points, as at Tel-abib ( Ezekiel 3:15 ) and Casiphia ( Ezra 8:17 )
Ezekiel - He lived in his own house at Tel-abib near the river Chebar, an irrigation canal that channeled the waters of the Euphrates River into the surrounding arid region. ... After Ezekiel returned to the exiles in Tel-abib, God spoke to him again, addressing him as “watchman” (Ezekiel 3:17 ) as a reminder of his responsibility to His people