Places Study on Shimron-meron

Places Study on Shimron-meron

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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Shimron-meron
SHIMRON-MERON . A Canaanite town, west of Jordan, whose king was among those whom Joshua smote ( Joshua 12:20 ). Comparing its position in the list with that of Shimron in the list given in Joshua 11:1 , we may infer that the two places are identical.

Easton's Bible Dictionary - Shimron-meron
The same, probably, as Shimron (Joshua 12:20 ).
Holman Bible Dictionary - Shimron-meron
(sshihm' rahn-mee' rahn) Town in list of cities Joshua defeated (Joshua 12:20 ). Apparently a longer name of Shimron (Joshua 11:1 ), though the earliest Greek translation and some commentators see two separate cities here.

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Shimron Meron
One of the 34 kings conquered by Joshua (Joshua 12:20; Joshua 11:1). In Joshua 19:15 Shimron Meron appears among the towns of Zebulun. The Talmud identifies Shimron Meron with Simuniyeh, W. of Nazareth. The Jewish traveler Ηap-Ρarchi fixes it south of Mount Gilboa, at a village Dar Meron (Asher's Benj. 2:434).

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Shim'Ron-me'Ron - The king of Shimron-meron is mentioned as one of the thirty-one kings vanquished by Joshua
Shimron-Meron - Shimron-meron
Shim'Ron - (Joshua 11:1 ; 19:15 ) Its full appellation was perhaps Shimron-meron