Places Study on Shihor

Places Study on Shihor

Joshua 19: And Alammelech, and Amad, and Misheal; and reacheth to Carmel westward, and to Shihorlibnath;
1 Chronicles 13: So David gathered all Israel together, from Shihor of Egypt even unto the entering of Hemath, to bring the ark of God from Kirjathjearim.

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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Shihor
SHIHOR in Isaiah 23:3 , Jeremiah 2:18 seems to mean Egypt (?), the Nile (?), or the waters of Egypt: in 1 Chronicles 13:5 , Joshua 13:3 , it is the S. W. frontier of Canaan. If the name is Hebrew it may mean ‘the Black,’ in allusion to the dark waters or even to the black alluvial land itself: the Egyp. name of Egypt is Kemi , meaning ‘black.’ But, as Brugsch pointed out, Shi-Hôr is the Egyp. name of a stream or canal, possibly the Pelusiac branch of the Nile, on or near the eastern border of Egypt (see Shur). The black alluvium might well be counted as the boundary of Canaan: but elsewhere the boundary is the ‘Brook’ (or ‘River’) of Egypt, i.e. the Wady el-Arish (see Shur).

F. Ll. Griffith.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Shihor-Libnath
SHIHOR-LIBNATH . One of the boundaries of Asher ( Joshua 19:26 ). It stands apparently for a river, most probably the Nahr ez-Zerka , the Crocodile River.

Easton's Bible Dictionary - Shihor-Libnath
Black-white, a stream on the borders of Asher, probably the modern Nahr Zerka, i.e., the "crocodile brook," or "blue river", which rises in the Carmel range and enters the Mediterranean a little to the north of Caesarea (Joshua 19:26 ). Crocodiles are still found in the Zerka. Thomson suspects "that long ages ago some Egyptians, accustomed to worship this ugly creature, settled here (viz., at Caesarea), and brought their gods with them. Once here they would not easily be exterminated" (The Land and the Book).

Easton's Bible Dictionary - Shihor
Dark, (1 Chronicles 13:5 ), the southwestern boundary of Canaan, the Wady el-'Arish. (See SIHOR; NILE .)

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Shihor Libnath
Joshua 19:26. A boundary of Asher. "Shihor" is not confined to the Nile exclusively. Not the Belus or glass river (Ptiny H. N. 5:19), now nahr Naman, which flows into the Mediterranean below Acre or Accho, for this is too far N. It must be S. of Carmel where Asher was bounded by Manasseh (Joshua 17:10), S. of Dor. Keil conjectures the nahr Zerka, three hours S. of Dor, Pliny's "crocodile river"; its name "blue" may answer both to Shihor "black" and Libnath "white."

Holman Bible Dictionary - Shihor-Libnath
(sshi' hawr-lihb' nath) Place name perhaps meaning, “swamp of Libnath.” Border of tribal territory of Asher (Joshua 19:26 ), variously identified as the Nahr ez-Zerqa on the southern border of Asher; the swampy territory between the rivers Nahr ed-Difleh and Nahr ez-Zerqa, and tell Abu Hawam at the mouth of the Kishon.

Holman Bible Dictionary - Shihor
(sshi' hawr) Egyptian place name meaning, “pool of Horus (a god).” It formed the border of the Promised Land (Joshua 13:3 ), marking the widest extent of Israel's territorial claims (1 Chronicles 13:5 ). In Isaiah 23:3 ; Jeremiah 2:18 , the term apparently refers to one of the branches of the Nile River inside Egypt, but the border point places it outside Egypt, identical with the Brook of Egypt or extending Israel's claim to the Nile. See Brook of Egypt ; Palestine . The earliest translators did not understand the term in Joshua 13:1 .

Morrish Bible Dictionary - Shihor of Egypt

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Shihor of Egypt
The black, turbid river (Joshua 13:3; Joshua 15:4; Joshua 15:47; SIHOR is the less correct form); 1 Chronicles 13:5. "Shihor which is before (i.e. E. of) Egypt." Not the Nile, which is called "the river" (haeor ; Genesis 41:1; Genesis 41:3; Exodus 1:22), and flowed not before but through the middle of Egypt. The Rhinocorura is meant, now wady el Arish, the nachal or "river of Egypt," Canaan's southern boundary toward Egypt, (Numbers 34:5). In Isaiah 23:3; Jeremiah 2:18; Sihor means the "Nile".

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Shihor-Libnah
Blackness of Libnah

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Sihor - (ssi' hohr) KJV spelling of Shihor. See Shihor
si'Hor - (dark ), accurately Shi'hor, once The Shihor, or Shihor of Egypt, when unqualified a name of the Nile. " In Jeremiah the identity of Shihor with the Nile seems distinctly stated
Sihor - (See Shihor
Shihor Libnath - "Shihor" is not confined to the Nile exclusively. of Dor, Pliny's "crocodile river"; its name "blue" may answer both to Shihor "black" and Libnath "white
Shihor-Libnath - Shihor-LIBNATH
Shihor of Egypt - "Shihor which is before (i
Sihor - In 1 Chronicles 13:5 it is written Shihor, as the south-west boundary of Palestine
Egypt, River - See also Shihor, Shur
Shihor - Shihor in Isaiah 23:3 , Jeremiah 2:18 seems to mean Egypt (?), the Nile (?), or the waters of Egypt: in 1 Chronicles 13:5 , Joshua 13:3 , it is the S
Shur - This Thor lay on a stream or canal named Shi-Hôr (See Shihor), and malefactors were sent thither after having their noses cut off
River of Egypt - Shihor, "the black river," is the Nile's designation in Deuteronomy 23:3; Jeremiah 2:18
Nile - but the river is frequently referred to as Sihor or Shihor, which means a "black" or "turbid" stream, Joshua 13:3; Isaiah 23:1-18 î3; where the R
Nile - Shihor , "the black river," is its other Bible name, Greek Μelas or Κmelas , Latin Μelo , darkened by the fertilizing soil which it deposits at its overflow (Jeremiah 2:18)
Rivers And Waterways in the Bible - The Nile is alluded to in many other passages as “the river” (Genesis 41:1 ), the “river of Egypt” (Genesis 15:18 ), the “flood of Egypt” (Amos 8:8 ), Shihor (Joshua 13:3 ), river of Cush among other names
Egypt - Of localities in Upper Egypt only Syene and Thebes (No) are mentioned; in Middle Egypt, Hanes; while on the eastern border and the route to Memphis (Noph) are Shihor, Shur, Sin, Migdol, Tahpanhes, Pi-beseth, On; and by the southern route, Goshen, Pithom, Succoth, Rameses, besides lesser places in the Exodus