Places Study on Shaalim

Places Study on Shaalim

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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Shaalim, Land of
SHAALIM, LAND OF . See Shaalbim.

Holman Bible Dictionary - Shaalim
(sshay' uh lihm) Place name perhaps meaning, “caves, cavities.” Place where Saul sought his father's lost donkeys (1 Samuel 9:4 ). The place is sometimes equated with Shaalbim or the land of Shual.

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Shaalim, Land of - Shaalim, LAND OF
Shalim - (sshay' lihm) KJV spelling of Shaalim
Shalim, the Land of - SHALIM or Shaalim ("the land of foxes" or "jackals"
Shual - Some would identify it with the land of Shaalim (1 Samuel 9:4 )
Shaalbim - Possibly Shaalbim should be read for Shaalim in 1 Samuel 9:4
Salim - ’ Scrivener’s edition of the Authorized Version gives as marginal references, ‘Genesis 33:18? or Joshua 15:23? or 1 Samuel 9:4?’; other editions only the last passage (where the text has Shalim, or rather Shaalim, in Heb