Places Study on Ramath-mizpeh

Places Study on Ramath-mizpeh

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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Ramath-mizpeh
RAMATH-MIZPEH . See Mizpah, No. 4 .

Easton's Bible Dictionary - Ramath-mizpeh
The height of Mizpeh or of the watch-tower (Joshua 13:26 ), a place mentioned as one of the limits of Gad. There were two Mizpehs on the east of the Jordan. This was the Mizpeh where Jacob and Laban made a covenant, "Mizpeh of Gilead," called also Galeed and Jegar-sahadutha. It has been identified with the modern es-Salt, where the roads from Jericho and from Shechem to Damascus unite, about 25 miles east of the Jordan and 13 south of the Jabbok.
Holman Bible Dictionary - Ramath-mizpeh
(ray' math-mihz peh) See Ramath .

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Ramath Mizpeh
Gad's northern landmark (Joshua 13:26). (See MIZPEH.)

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Ramath-mizpeh
Elevation of the watch-tower

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Ramath-Mizpeh - Ramath-mizpeh
Ramath - ” An element of several names: Ramath-lehi meaning, “height of the jawbone,” site of Samson's victory over the Philistines (Judges 15:17 ); Ramath-mizpeh (alternately Ramath-Mizpah) meaning, “height of lookout or watchtower” (Joshua 13:26 ); Ramath-Negeb meaning, “Ramath of the South,” (Joshua 19:8 ; 1 Samuel 30:27 )
Ramoth - A famous city in the mountains of Gilead; often called RamothGilead, and sometimes Ramath-mizpeh, or the Watchtower, Joshua 13:26
Ramoth-Gilead - (See Ramath-mizpeh
Mizpah, Mizpeh - Some suppose it to be identical with Ramath-mizpeh in Joshua 13:26 ; and this to be the same as RAMOTH-GILEAD
Mizpah - It is the same as Ramath-mizpeh (Joshua 13:26 )
Miz'Pah - (Judges 11:34 ) It seems most probable that the "Mizpeh-gilead" which is mentioned here, and here only, is the same as the "ham-Mizpah" of the other parts of the narrative; and both are probably identical with the Ramath-mizpeh and Ramoth-gilead, so famous in the later history
Gilead -
Ramah - Ramath-mizpeh ( Joshua 13:26 )