Places Study on Perez-uzzah

Places Study on Perez-uzzah

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Easton's Bible Dictionary - Perez-uzzah
The breach of Uzzah, a place where God "burst forth upon Uzzah, so that he died," when he rashly "took hold" of the ark (2 Samuel 6:6-8 ). It was not far from Kirjath-jearim (q.v.).

American Tract Society Bible Dictionary - Perez-uzzah
2 Samuel 6:8 . See UZZAH.

Holman Bible Dictionary - Perez-uzzah
(pee' rehz-uhz' zuh) Place name meaning, “breach of Uzzah.” Site of the threshing floor of Nacon (or Chidon) west of Jerusalem on the Kiriath-jearim road where the anger of the Lord “broke out” against Uzzah, who touched the ark to steady it (2 Samuel 6:8 ; 1 Chronicles 13:11 ). The site is perhaps that of khirbet el-Uz about two miles east of Kiriath-jearim.

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Perez-Uzza - (pee' rehz-uhz' zuh) NAS, RSV alternate form of Perez-uzzah (1 Chronicles 13:11 )
pe'Rez-uz'za - (breaking of Uzzah ), ( 1 Chronicles 13:11 ) and Perez-uzzah (2 Samuel 6:8 ) the title which David conferred on the threshing-floor of Nachon or Cidon, in commemoration of the sudden death of Uzzah
Uzzah - See Perez-uzzah
Uzzah - See Perez-uzzah
Uzzah - See Perez-uzzah
Uzza, Uzzah - See Perez-uzzah
Uzzah - The place where this occurred was henceforth called Perez-uzzah (1 Chronicles 13:11 )
Uzza - Uzza’s sudden death at a place called, in commemoration of this untoward incident, Perez-uzzah (‘breach of Uzzah’), led to the temporary abandonment of David’s project of transporting the ark to Jerusalem
Perez-Uzza - PEREZ-UZZA or Perez-uzzah ("Uzzah's breaking")
Uzzah -
Tabernacle - A new tabernacle was erected by David at Jerusalem (2 Samuel 6:17 ; 1 Chronicles 16:1 ), and the ark was brought from Perez-uzzah and deposited in it (2 Samuel 6:8-17 ; 2 Chronicles 1:4 )