Places Study on Netophah

Places Study on Netophah

Ezra 2: The men of Netophah, fifty and six.
Nehemiah 7: The men of Bethlehem and Netophah, an hundred fourscore and eight.

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Easton's Bible Dictionary - Netophah
Distillation; dropping, a town in Judah, in the neighbourhood, probably, of Bethlehem (Nehemiah 7:26 ; 1 Chronicles 2:54 ). Two of David's guards were Netophathites (1 Chronicles 27:13,15 ). It has been identified with the ruins of Metoba, or Um Toba, to the north-east of Bethlehem.

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Netophah
("dropping".) A town coupled with Bethlehem in Nehemiah 7:26, also in 1 Chronicles 2:54; therefore near it. Two of David's heroes (1 Chronicles 27:1; 1 Chronicles 27:13; 1 Chronicles 27:15), captains of two of the 12 monthly military courses, were NETOPHATHITES (2 Samuel 23:28-29). "Villages of Netophathites" were Levite singers' residences (1 Chronicles 9:16; Nehemiah 12:28). The Targum (1 Chronicles 2:54; Ruth 4:20; Ecclesiastes 3:11) states that they slew the guards whom Jeroboam stationed on the roads to Jerusalem, to intercept the firstfruits from the villages to the temple. The fast on the 23rd Sivan, still in the Jewish calendar, commemorates Jeroboam's opposition. Between Bethlehem and Anathoth. Noticed as "in the wilderness" of Judah in the Acta Sanctorum. Answering to the ruin Metoba. N.E. of Bethlehem on the edge of the Mar Saba desert.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Netophah
NETOPHAH. A town, the name of which first occurs in the list of the exiles who returned under Zerubbabel ( Ezra 2:22 = Nehemiah 7:26 = 1Es 5:18 Netophas ). Perhaps the name is preserved in the modern Beit Nettif at the entrance to the Wady es-Sunt or Vale of Elah. The gentilic name the Netophathite(s) occurs in 2 Samuel 23:28 f., 2 Kings 25:23 , Jeremiah 40:8 .

Holman Bible Dictionary - Netophah
(nih toh' fuh) Name meaning, “dropping.” A village and surrounding district in the hill country of Judah (2 Samuel 23:28-29 ; 1 Chronicles 11:30 ; 1 Chronicles 27:13 ; Nehemiah 7:26 ). Netophah is frequently associated with Bethlehem, suggesting a site near that town. The inference finds added support in the inclusion of two Netophites in David's elite circle of warriors. The site is most likely khirbet Bedd Faluh about three and a half miles southeast of Bethlehem. The nearby spring, Ain en-Natuf, preserves the name.

Morrish Bible Dictionary - Netophah
City of Judah. Ezra 2:22 ; Nehemiah 7:26 . Identified with ruins at Umm Toba, 31 44' N, 35 13' E .

American Tract Society Bible Dictionary - Netophah
A town near Bethlehem, of which little more than the name is known, 2 Samuel 24:25,25 ; 2 Kings 25:23 ; Ezra 2:22 ; Nehemiah 7:26 .

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Netophas - NETOPHAS ( 1Es 5:18 ) = Netophah of Ezra 2:22 || Nehemiah 7:26
Netophites - (nih tahf' uh thitess) Residents of Netophah (1 Chronicles 9:16 ; Nehemiah 12:27-28 )
Netophathi, Netophathite - Inhabitants of Netophah
Ephai - Ephai was from Netophah near Bethlehem
Maharai - ” One of David's thirty elite warriors who came from the clan of the Zerahites and the town of Netophah in Judah and commanded the troups in the tenth month (2 Samuel 23:28 ; 1 Chronicles 11:30 , 1 Chronicles 27:13 )
Netophah - Netophah
Netophah - Netophah is frequently associated with Bethlehem, suggesting a site near that town
Neto'Phah - But, though not directly mentioned till so late a period, Netophah was really a much older place
Etam - It seems to have been in the district called Nephtoah (or Netophah), where were the sources of the water from which Solomon's gardens and pleasure-grounds and pools, as well as Bethlehem and the temple, were supplied