Places Study on Mount Ararat

Places Study on Mount Ararat

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Armenia - Lying between the Caucasus and the Taurus range, with Mount Ararat towering in its central province, it gives rise to three notable rivers, the Euphrates, Tigris, and Araxes
Ararat - It is identified with Urartu or Urardhu of the Assyrian inscriptions, a district in Armenia, in which is Mount Ararat, on some part of which the ark of Noah rested
Ararat - " ... Mount Ararat was visited in 1829 by Prof
Deluge - " At length the waters began to abate; the highest land appeared, and the ark touched ground upon Mount Ararat
Eden - Such a region exists in the high lands of Armenia, west of Mount Ararat and 5,000 feet above the sea
Ararat - Others maintain, that Mount Ararat was situated toward the middle of Armenia, near the river Araxes, or Aras, about twelve miles from it, according to Tournefort, above two hundred and eighty miles distant from Al-Judi, to the north-east. On viewing Mount Ararat from the northern side of the plain, its two heads are separated by a wide cleft, or rather glen, in the body of the mountain
Mountains - Thus Mount Ararat is a standing memorial of the deluge of man's sin, God's justice, and God's mercy