Places Study on Moresheth-gath

Places Study on Moresheth-gath

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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Moresheth-gath
MORESHETH-GATH . Micah 1:14 only. It was probably the birth-place of the prophet Micah ( Micah 1:1 , Jeremiah 26:18 ), and must have been in the Shephçlah. The Onomasticon locates it east of, and near to, Eleutheropolis.

Easton's Bible Dictionary - Moresheth-gath
Possession of the wine-press, the birthplace of the prophet (Micah 1:14 ), who is called the "Morasthite" (Jeremiah 26:18 ). This place was probably a suburb of Gath.

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Moresheth Gath
("possession of Gath"), named by Micah alone (Micah 1:14), himself a Morasthite, i.e. of Moresheth. In the shephelah or "rolling low hills" of Judah. "Thou (Jerusalem) shalt give presents to Moresheth," begging for its help; but Maurer," thou shalt give a writing of renunciation (renouncing all claim) to Moresheth." "Gath" appended implies Moresherh for a time had fallen under the power of the neighboring Philistines of Gath. Ewald, "thou shalt give compensation to Moresheth itself only the possession of another city." Gath also means a "winepress"; Moresbeth may be named Gath from the many winepresses around.

Holman Bible Dictionary - Moresheth, Moresheth-gath
(moh' rih sshehth-gath) Place name meaning, “inheritance of Gath.” Home of the prophet Micah (Micah 1:1 ). The prophet pictured his home as a bride receiving a going away gift from Jerusalem, her father, a warning of exile for Jerusalem's leaders and thus separation from their neighbors (Micah 1:14 ). The city was apparently located near Philistine Gath and is usually identified with tell ej-Judeideh about twenty-two miles southwest of Jerusalem and nine miles east of Gath. Recently, this identification has been questioned. This may be the Gath Rehoboam fortified (2 Chronicles 11:8 ). It may be Muchrashti of the Amarna letters.

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Morashtite - A gentilic adjective used to designate the prophet Micah ( Micah 1:1 , Jeremiah 26:18 ), probably derived from Moresheth-gath (wh
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Libnah - Debate rages concerning Libnah's location: tell es-Safi at the head of the Elah Valley appears too far north; tell Bornat just west of Lachish; tell el-Judeideh, usually identified as Moresheth-gath
Gath - Usually the name was used with another name which helped distinguish one site from another, such as, Gath-Hepher, Gath-Rimmon and Moresheth-gath
Micah -
Micah, Book of - He came from Maresheth (NIV) which probably should be identified with Moresheth-gath