Places Study on Migdal-gad

Places Study on Migdal-gad

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Easton's Bible Dictionary - Migdal-gad
Tower of fortune, a town in the plains of Judah, probably the modern el-Mejdel, a little to the north-east of Ascalon (Joshua 15:37 ).

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Migdal Gad
An old sanctuary, probably of Gad, the god of fortune; in the shephelah or "low-rolling hills" of Judah (Joshua 15:37).

Holman Bible Dictionary - Migdal-gad
(mihg' dal-gad) Place name meaning, “Tower of Gad.” Village near Lachish in the Shephelah district of Judah (Joshua 15:37 ). The site is perhaps that of khirbet el-Mejdeleh five miles south of Beit Jibrin.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Migdal-gad
MIGDAL-GAD. A town in the Shephçlah, in the territory of Judah ( Joshua 15:37 ), which cannot be identified with any certainty. Guthe suggests Khirbet el-Mejdeleh , about S miles S. of Belt Jibrîn, with remains of buildings, cisterns, and rock-hewn tombs; or Khirbet el-Mejdel , about 14 miles S. of Beit Jibrîn, with extensive ruins, etc. Warren (Hastings’ DB [Note: Dictionary of the Bible.] ) suggests el-Mejdel , a thriving village 2 1 / 2 miles N.E. of Ashkelon. The name ‘Tower of Gad’ probably points to its having been a seat of idolatry, where the Canaanites worshipped Gad ‘Good Luck’ or ‘Fortune.’

W. Ewing.

The Hawker's Poor Man's Concordance And Dictionary - Migdal-gad
A city of Judah. (Joshua 15:37)

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Migdal-Gad - Migdal-gad
Gad - Syrian god known from inscriptions from Phoenicia and Palmyra and used in biblical names such as Baal-gad (Joshua 11:17 ) and Migdal-gad (Joshua 15:37 )
Gad - A god whose name appears in Genesis 30:11 (‘by the help of Gad’; so in Genesis 30:13 ‘by the help of Asherah’); in the place-names Baal-gad, and Migdal-gad ( Joshua 11:17 ; Joshua 12:7 ; Joshua 13:5 ; Joshua 15:37 ); and in the personal name Azgad ( Ezra 2:12 , Nehemiah 7:17 ; Nehemiah 10:15 )
Name, Names - Other names evidently imply the existence of local sanctuaries, some of which must have been pre-Israelite: Beth-anath, Anathoth, Bethel, Gilgal, Kedesh-naphtali, Migdal-el, Migdal-gad, Neiel, Penuel, Beth-shemesh