Places Study on Kiriath-baal

Places Study on Kiriath-baal

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Kiriath-baal
(kihr' ih ath-bay' uhl) Place name meaning, “city of Baal.” Another name for Kiriath-Jearim in Joshua 15:60 ; Joshua 18:14 . See Kiriath-Jearim .

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Kirjath-Baal - (kihr' jath-ba' uhl) KJV spelling of Kiriath-baal. See Kiriath-baal
Kiriath-Jearim - Kiriath-jearim was on the border between Benjamin and Judah, and was known also as Kiriath-baal, Baalah, Baale-judah and Kiriath-arim (Joshua 15:9; Joshua 15:60; Joshua 18:14; Joshua 18:21-28; 2 Samuel 6:2; Ezra 2:25)
Kiriath-Jearim - Its older name appears to have been Kiriath-baal ( Joshua 15:60 ) or Baalah