Places Study on Kedesh-naphtali

Places Study on Kedesh-naphtali

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Kedesh-naphtali
(kee' dehssh-naf' tuh li) See Kedesh 2.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Kedesh-naphtali
KEDESH-NAPHTALI ( Judges 4:6 ; called also ‘ Kedesh ’ Joshua 12:22 ; Joshua 19:37 , Judges 4:9-11 , 2 Kings 15:29 ; and ‘ Kedesh in Galilee ’ in Joshua 20:7 ; Joshua 21:32 , 1 Chronicles 6:76 ). Evidently, from the name meaning ‘holy,’ a sacred site from ancient times; a city of refuge ( Joshua 20:7 ) and a Levitical city ( Joshua 21:32 ). It was the home of Barak ( Judges 4:6 ). It was captured by Tiglath-pileser ( 2 Kings 15:29 ) in the reign of Pekah.

The site is the village of Kedes , one of the most picturesque spots in Galilee; to the E. of the village the ground is strewn with ancient remains. There are several fine sarcophagi and the ruins of a large building, possibly once a Roman temple.

E. W. G. Masterman.

The Hawker's Poor Man's Concordance And Dictionary - Kedesh Naphtali
So called from being given to that tribe. (Joshua 19:37)

See Kadesh-Barnea.

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Kedesh -
Thisbe - Its position is described as being on the right hand (south) of Kedesh-naphtali in Galilee above Asher
za-Ana'im - Kedesh-naphtali, the name of which still lingers on the high ground north of Safed and two or three miles west of the lake of el-Huleh (waters of Merom)
Kedesh-Naphtali - Kedesh-naphtali ( Judges 4:6 ; called also ‘ Kedesh ’ Joshua 12:22 ; Joshua 19:37 , Judges 4:9-11 , 2 Kings 15:29 ; and ‘ Kedesh in Galilee ’ in Joshua 20:7 ; Joshua 21:32 , 1 Chronicles 6:76 )
Kedesh - Called Kedesh-naphtali in Judges 4:6
Barak - He is called from his home in Kedesh-naphtali by Deborah to deliver Israel
ke'Desh - ... Kedesh; also Kedesh in Galilee; and once, (Judges 4:6 ) Kedesh-naphtali, one of the fortified cities of the tribe of Naphtali, named between Hazor and Edrei, (Joshua 19:37 ) appointed as a city of refuge, and allotted with its "suburbs" to the Gershonite Levites
Merom - On the west it is walled in by the steep and lofty range of the hills of Kedesh-naphtali; on the east it is bounded by the lower and more gradually ascending slopes of Bashan; on the north it is shut in by a line of hills hummocky and irregular in shape and of no great height, and stretching across from the mountains of Naphtali to the roots of Mount Hermon, which towers up at the north-eastern angle of the plain to a height of 10,000 feet
Galilee - A name in the Old Testament for a small district in the northern mountains of Naphtali, around Kedesh-naphtali, and including 20 towns given by Solomon to Hiram, king of Tyre, Joshua 20:7; Joshua 21:32; 1 Kings 9:11; 2 Kings 15:29, and called "Galilee of the nations" in Isaiah 9:1
Jael -
Gal'Ilee - This name, which in the Roman age was applied to a large province, seems to have been originally confined to a little "circuit" of country round Kedesh-naphtali, in which were situated the twenty towns given by Solomon to Hiram king of Tyre as payment for his work in conveying timber from Lebanon to Jerusalem
Name, Names - Other names evidently imply the existence of local sanctuaries, some of which must have been pre-Israelite: Beth-anath, Anathoth, Bethel, Gilgal, Kedesh-naphtali, Migdal-el, Migdal-gad, Neiel, Penuel, Beth-shemesh