Places Study on Kattath

Places Study on Kattath

Joshua 19: And Kattath, and Nahallal, and Shimron, and Idalah, and Bethlehem: twelve cities with their villages.

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Easton's Bible Dictionary - Kattath
(Joshua 19:15 ), a town of Asher, has been identified with Kana el Jelil. (See CANA .)
Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Kattath
A city of Zebulun (Joshua 19:15).

Holman Bible Dictionary - Kattath
(kat' tath) Place name meaning, “small.” A town in the tribal territory of Zebulun (Joshua 19:15 ). Probably the same as Kitron (Judges 1:30 ). See Kitron .

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Kattath
KATTATH . A city of Zebulun ( Joshua 19:15 ), perhaps to be identified with Kartah or with Kitron of Judges 1:30 . The site is unknown.

Morrish Bible Dictionary - Kattath
City in Zebulun. Joshua 19:15 . Not identified.

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Kattah - (kat' tuh) NAS spelling of Kattath. See Kattath
Kitron - This city is probably the same as Kattath. See Kattath
Kitron - See Kattath
Kitron - Knotty, a city of Zebulun (Judges 1:30 ), called also Kattath (Joshua 19:15 ); supposed to be "Cana of Galilee
Kitron - Probably the same as Kattath in Joshua 19:15
Kattath - Kattath
Kartah - It might be for Kattath by a clerical error
Kartah - It is identical with Kattath (19:15), and perhaps also with Kitron (Judges 1:30 )