Places Study on Jabbok River

Places Study on Jabbok River

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Rogelim - ” City on the Jabbok River in Gilead (2 Samuel 17:27-29 ; 2 Samuel 19:31 )
Galeed - The heap of stones marking Galeed was in Gilead, north of the Jabbok River
Penuel - It was in the centre of the region popularly called Gilead, situated on the Jabbok River, close to the point where the Jabbok joins the Jordan (Genesis 32:22; Genesis 32:31)
Machir - Apparently the territory of the Machirites started at the site of Mahanaim, on the Jabbok River, extended northward, and included the region around the Yarmuk River (Joshua 13:29-31 )
Gilead - The Jabbok River divided this territory approximately in halves
Jabbok - To the east of the Jordan River was a high tableland region divided into two by the Jabbok River. The town of Penuel, on the Jabbok River close to its junction with the Jordan, became a strategically important defence outpost (Judges 8:9; Judges 8:17; 1 Kings 12:25; see PENUEL)
Adam - Its location is probably Tel ed-Damieh near the Jabbok River
Transjordan - (2) Nahr ex-Zerqa, the Jabbok River of Old Testament times, drains the area known then as Gilead
Ammonites - Rabbath was located at the headwaters of the Jabbok River, where the southeastern corner of Gilead gives way to the desert
Tribes of Israel, the - Manasseh's terrotory east of the Jordan included the regions of Gilead and Bashan and most likely extended from the Jabbok River to near Mount Hermon. The tribe's territory was the east side of the Jordan River and the Dead Sea, including a part of the region called Gilead ( Numbers 32:34-36 ; Joshua 13:24-28 ), extending from the region of the Jabbok River in the north to the region of the Arnon River in the south
Jacob - When all had crossed the Jabbok River, Jacob met One who wrestled with him until daybreak (Genesis 32:1 )
Palestine - (2) South of the Yarmuk, reaching to the Jabbok River, was Gilead
Rivers And Waterways in the Bible - The Jabbok River reaches the Jordan from the east twenty-five miles north of the Dead Sea