Places Study on Hamath-zobah

Places Study on Hamath-zobah

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Hamath-zobah
(hay' math-zoh' buh) Place name meaning, “hot place of Zobah.” City Solomon captured in Syria (2 Chronicles 8:3 ). Both Hamath and Zobah are cities in Syria that David controlled (2 Samuel 8:1 ). See Hamath ; Zobah. Some interpreters see the combination here as the result of a damaged text available to the Chronicler. Others think the Chronicler reflects the Babylonian and Persian administrative system of his day including the two cities in one administrative district. Other think this was simply another name for Zobah. The Chronicler in distinction from 2 Samuel 8:1 also combines the two cities into “Zobah-hamath” ( 1 Chronicles 18:3 REB, reflecting the literal Hebrew text).

Easton's Bible Dictionary - Hamath-zobah
Fortress of Zobah, (2 Chronicles 8:3 ) is supposed by some to be a different place from the foregoing; but this is quite uncertain.

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Hamath-zobah
Conquered by Solomon (2 Chronicles 8:3). Distinguished from "Hamath the great."

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Hamath-zobah
The heat
Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Hamath-zobah
HAMATH-ZOBAH (or ‘Hamath of Zobah’). A city in the neighbourhood of Tadmor, conquered by Solomon ( 2 Chronicles 8:3 ). Some have conjectured that it is identical with Hamath (wh. see), and that Zobah is used here in a broader sense than usual. On the other hand, it may be another Hamath situated in the territory of Zobah proper.

W. M. Nesbit.

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ha'Math-zo'Bah - But the name Hamath-zobah would seem rather suited to another Hamath which was distinguished from the "Great Hamath" by the suffix "Zobah
Hamath-Zobah - Hamath-zobah (or ‘Hamath of Zobah’)
Tadmor - In 2 Chronicles 8:14 Tadmor is mentioned in connection with Hamath-zobah
Hamath - It is called "Hamath the great" in Amos 6:2 , and "Hamath-zobah" in 2 Chronicles 8:3
Tad'Mor - It was built by Solomon after his conquest of Hamath-zobah
Sol'Omon - (1 Kings 7:1 ; 2 Chronicles 8:1 ) (d) The conquest of Hamath-zobah, and the consequent foundation of cities in the region of north Palestine after the twentieth year
Solomon - Nothing is known of the Hamath-zobah which Solomon subdued ( 2 Chronicles 8:3 )