Places Study on Gibeath-elohim

Places Study on Gibeath-elohim

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Gibeath-elohim
(gihb' ee ath-eh loh' hihm) Place name meaning, “hill of God.” Transliteration of Hebrew in 1 Samuel 10:5 (NRSV) translated by KJV, NAS, and REB as “hill of God” and by NIV as Gibeah of God. This may be the same as Geba or a hill overlooking Geba or even with Gibeah of Benjamin. It is the site where Saul received the third sign from God that he had been selected king of Israel. See Geba ; Gibeah .

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Hill of God - (Hebrew Gibeath-elohim ) Site of a Philistine garrison and of a place of worship
Garrison - the Philistines had garrisons deep in Jewish territory at Gibeath-elohim (1 Samuel 10:5 ), Geba (1 Samuel 13:3 ), and Bethlehem (2 Samuel 23:14 )
Gibeah - If the “hill of God” (1 Samuel 10:5 KJV, NAS, REB) or “Gibeath-elohim” (NRSV) should be translated “Gibeah of God” (NIV) and equated with Gibeah of Saul, then the Philistines controlled the city prior to Saul gaining control