Places Study on Gederoth

Places Study on Gederoth

Joshua 15: And Sharaim, and Adithaim, and Gederah, and Gederothaim; fourteen cities with their villages:
Joshua 15: And Gederoth, Bethdagon, and Naamah, and Makkedah; sixteen cities with their villages:
2 Chronicles 28: The Philistines also had invaded the cities of the low country, and of the south of Judah, and had taken Bethshemesh, and Ajalon, and Gederoth, and Shocho with the villages thereof, and Timnah with the villages thereof, Gimzo also and the villages thereof: and they dwelt there.

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Gederoth
(gih dee' rahth) Place name meaning, “walls.” City in tribal allotment of Judah in the Shephelah or valley (Joshua 15:41 ). It may be an alternate spelling of Gederah or Qatra near Lachish. When the Philistines took Gederoth with other cities, King Ahaz (735-715 B.C.) sent to Assyria for help (2 Chronicles 28:18 ). See Geder ; Gederah .

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Gederoth
GEDEROTH . A town of Judah in the Shephçlah ( Joshua 15:41 , 2 Chronicles 28:18 ). It appears to be the modern Katrah near Yebna. Possibly it is also the Kidron of 1Ma 15:39 ; 1Ma 15:41 ; 1Ma 16:8 .

Morrish Bible Dictionary - Gederoth
City in the lowlands of Judah. Joshua 15:41 ; 2 Chronicles 28:18 . Identified by some with Katrah, 31 50' N, 34 46' E .

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Gederoth - Gederoth
Gederah - ) Gederoth "sheepcotes", and GederothAIM "two sheepcotes", were in the same region (Joshua 15:41)
Kidron - It may be the modern Katrah near Yebna , and is possibly identical with ‘ Gederoth of Joshua 15:41 , 2 Chronicles 28:18
Gederoth - When the Philistines took Gederoth with other cities, King Ahaz (735-715 B
Gederah - It is the feminine form of Geder (12:13); the plural form is Gederoth (15:41)
Geder - The site is unknown and could be easily confused with several places called Beth-geder, Gederah, Gederoth, or Gederothaim
Makkedah - Joshua 15:41 names Gederoth, Beth-dagon, Naameh, and Makkedah together, corresponding respectively to Kutrah, Beit Dejan, Nyaneh, and Mug hat; Kutrah and Mughar near together, Nyaneh six miles N
Gedor - See Geder ; Gederoth
Ahaz - , the cities of the low hill country (shephelah ), Bethshemesh, Ajalon, Gederoth, Shocho, Timnah, Gimzo
Philistia - of Judah, taking Bethshemesh, Ajalon, Gederoth
Hezekiah - of Judah, Bethshemesh, Ajalon, Gederoth, Shocho, Timnah, Gimzo" with their dependent villages, "the Lord having brought Judah low because Ahaz had made Judah naked, and transgressed sore against the Lord" (2 Chronicles 28:18-19)