Places Study on Fountain Gate

Places Study on Fountain Gate

Nehemiah 12: And at the fountain gate, which was over against them, they went up by the stairs of the city of David, at the going up of the wall, above the house of David, even unto the water gate eastward.

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Fountain Gate
A city gate at the southeast corner of the walls of ancient Jerusalem (Nehemiah 2:14 ; Nehemiah 3:15 ; Nehemiah 12:37 ), probably so named because people brought water from the En-rogel or Gihon springs into the city through this gate. The gate is possibly identical with the “gate between the two walls” (2 Kings 25:4 ; Jeremiah 39:4 ; Jeremiah 52:7 ).

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Shallun - ” Man who helped Nehemiah by repairing the Fountain Gate (Nehemiah 3:15 )
Gate Between the Two Walls - A city gate on the southeast side of Jerusalem, perhaps identical with the Fountain Gate
Siloam, the Pool of - It is a regularly built pool or tank (bereekah ) near the Fountain Gate, the stairs that go down from the city of David (S
Ate - ... Fountain Gate Nehemiah 2:14 (c) This represents the fountain opened for sin and for uncleanness whereby the sinner may be saved through the shed Blood of JESUS
Tombs - The Fountain Gate was near the pool of Siloam
Jeru'Salem - (Nehemiah 3:31 ) ... Fountain Gate (Siloam?)
Jerusalem - Fountain Gate (Siloam?)
Jerusalem - ... (13) Fountain Gate (Nehemiah 12:37)