Places Study on Forum of Appius

Places Study on Forum of Appius

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Forum of Appius
A station along the Appian Way where Paul and his companions were met by a group of believers from Rome (Acts 28:15 ). It was some 43 miles southeast of Rome. Paul was on the way to Rome to be tried before Caesar.

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Appi Forum - (ap' pih foh' ruhm) KJV translation of Acts 28:15 reference to Forum of Appius or Market of Appius. See Forum of Appius
Appius - (ap' pih uhss) See Forum of Appius
Three Taverns - Rest stop on the Appian Way thirty-three miles southeast of Rome and ten miles northwest of the Forum of Appius where Roman Christians met Paul on his trip to Rome (Acts 28:15 )