Places Study on Emek-keziz

Places Study on Emek-keziz

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Emek-keziz
(ee' mehk-kee' zihz) Place name meaning, “the cut off valley” or “the valley of gravel.” It is listed as one of the cities assigned the tribe of Benjamin (Joshua 18:21 ). Its location is not known.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Emek-keziz
EMEK-KEZIZ ( Joshua 18:21 , AV [Note: Authorized Version.] ‘Valley of Keziz,’ mentioned among the towns of Benjamin). A place apparently in the Jordan Valley near Jericho. The site is unknown.

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Keziz, Valley of - (kee' zihz) KJV translation of Emek-keziz. See Emek-keziz
Emek-Keziz - Emek-keziz ( Joshua 18:21 , AV [Note: Authorized Version
Keziz - It is better to regard the word for 'valley' as a part of the name, reading Emek-keziz