Places Study on Brook of Egypt

Places Study on Brook of Egypt

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Brook of Egypt
The southwestern limit of Canaanite territory given to Israel as a possession (Numbers 34:5 NAS). It is usually identified with the Wadi el-Arish, which flows from the middle of the Sinai Peninsula to the Mediterranean Sea. It empties into the Mediterranean about midway between the sites of Gaza and Pelusium. See Rivers and Waterways in the Bible .

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River of Egypt - See Brook of Egypt
Shihor - In Isaiah 23:3 ; Jeremiah 2:18 , the term apparently refers to one of the branches of the Nile River inside Egypt, but the border point places it outside Egypt, identical with the Brook of Egypt or extending Israel's claim to the Nile. See Brook of Egypt ; Palestine
Abel-Mizraim - (ay' behl-mihz' ray' ihm) Place name meaning either “Brook of Egypt,” or if derived from a different Hebrew word with similar spelling, “mourning of the Egyptians
Stream of Egypt - (Isaiah 27:12 ), the Wady el-'Arish, called also "the river of Egypt," RSV, "Brook of Egypt" (Numbers 34:5 ; Joshua 15:4 ; 2 Kings 24:7 )
River of Egypt - ... In Numbers 34:5 (RSV, "Brook of Egypt") the Hebrew word is Nahal , Denoting a stream flowing rapidly in winter, or in the rainy season
Kadesh - The conquest of Joshua reached thus far ( Joshua 10:41 ): It was therefore on the line, running from the Ascent of Akrabbim to the Brook of Egypt, which marked the southern frontier of Canaan ( Numbers 34:4 , Joshua 15:3 ). In Genesis 20:1 it is placed east of Gerar; and in Ezekiel 47:19 ; Ezekiel 48:28 between Tamar and the Brook of Egypt
Shur - It was bounded by Egypt on the west (the border being along the line of the present-day Suez Canal), and the Negeb on the east (the border being along the Brook of Egypt) (Genesis 20:1; Exodus 15:22; 1 Samuel 15:7; 1 Samuel 27:8)
Judah, Tribe And Kingdom - ... A large and powerful tribe... In the division of Canaan among the Israelite tribes, Judah received the whole of southern Palestine between the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, as far south as the Wilderness of Zin and the Brook of Egypt (Joshua 15:1-12)
Land (of Israel) - Na'aman of Tel Aviv UNIVersity suggested that the Brook of Egypt was the Nahal Basor, just south of Gaza
Rivers And Waterways in the Bible - The “Brook of Egypt” mostly is a reference to Wadi el-Arish, the drainage system of the central Sinai
Canaan, History And Religion of - The territory between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River reaching from the Brook of Egypt to the area around Ugarit in Syria or to the Euphrates