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Places Study on Beth-zur

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Beth-zur
(behth-zuhr) Place name meaning, “house of the rock.” 1. A city allotted to tribe of Judah (Joshua 15:58 ). Rehoboam, Solomon's son and successor as king of Judah (931-913 B.C.), built it up as a defense city (2 Chronicles 11:7 ) in view of the threat of Shishak of Egypt (2 Chronicles 12:2 ). A city official of Beth-zur helped Nehemiah repair Jerusalem and its wall (Nehemiah 3:16 ). It played a significant role in the wars of the Maccabeans in the period between the Testaments. It is located at khirbet et-Tubeiqeh, eighteen miles southwest of Jerusalem and four miles north of Hebron on a major highway intersection. This is one of the highest sites above sea level in Palestine.

2. Son of Maon in line of Caleb (1 Chronicles 2:45 ), apparently indicating the clan that settled the city.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Beth-zur
BETH-ZUR (‘house of rock,’ Joshua 15:58 , 1 Samuel 30:27 [in LXX [Note: Septuagint.] ], 1 Chronicles 2:45 , 2 Chronicles 11:7 , Nehemiah 3:16 ). The Bethsura of 1Ma 4:29 etc. A town of Judah in the Hebron mountains, fortified by Rehoboam, and still important after the Captivity. Judas Maccabæus here defeated the Greeks under Lysias in b.c. 165. It is the present ruined site, Beit Sur , on a cliff west of the Hebron road, near Halhul.

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Beth-zur
House of a rock

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Beth'-Anoth - (house of echo ), a town in the mountainous district of Judah, named with Halhul, Beth-zur and others in ( Joshua 15:58 ) only
Maarath - The site is possibly modern khirbet Qufin two miles north of Beth-zur
Maon - Founder of Beth-zur, 1 Chronicles 2:45
Holon - It may be modern khirbet Illin near Beth-zur
Beth-Zur - Beth-zur (‘house of rock,’ Joshua 15:58 , 1 Samuel 30:27 [in LXX [Note: Septuagint
Maon - Descendant of Caleb who founded Beth-zur (1 Chronicles 2:45 )
Beth-Zur - A city official of Beth-zur helped Nehemiah repair Jerusalem and its wall (Nehemiah 3:16 )
Gedor - It is located at khirbet Judur three miles north of Hebron and Beth-zur and west of Tekoa
Etam - A road ran along the ridge through or near Hebron, Beth-zur, and Bethlehem to Jerusalem
Edom, Edomites - ... The Edomites, because of this, occupied the territory of Judah as far as the town of Beth-zur, to the north of Hebron, which became the Idumæa (wh
Nehemi'ah - (Ezra 2:2 ; Nehemiah 7:7 ) ... Son of Azbuk and ruler of the half part of Beth-zur, who helped to repair the wall of Jerusalem