Places Study on Beth-nimrah

Places Study on Beth-nimrah

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Beth-nimrah
(behth-nih' rah) Place name meaning, “house of the panther.” City east of the Jordan that tribe of Gad rebuilt after Moses allotted it to them (Numbers 32:36 ). It provided good grazing land (Numbers 32:3 ). It is located at either tell Nimrin or nearby at tell el-Bleibil, about ten miles northeast of the mouth of the Jordan.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Beth-nimrah
BETH-NIMRAH (‘place of the leopard,’ Numbers 32:36 etc., called Nimrah v. 3, and, some think, Nimrim Isaiah 15:6 , see Nimrim). A town in the territory E. of Jordan allotted to Reuben. It is represented by the modern Tell Nimrîn , 6 miles E. of the Jordan, about 10 miles N. of the Dead Sea, on the S. bank of Wâdy Shaib .

W. Ewing.

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Beth-nimrah
House of rebellion
American Tract Society Bible Dictionary - Beth-nimrah
Numbers 32:3,36 ; Joshua 13:27 , and Nimrim, Isaiah 15:6 ; Jeremiah 48:34 ; a town in Gad, a little east of the Jordan, on a watercourse leading, from near Ramoth-Gilead, southwest into that river.

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Nimrim - See Beth-nimrah
Nimrah - See Beth-nimrah
Nimrah - See Beth-nimrah
Nimrah - ” Alternate form of Beth-nimrah (Numbers 32:36 ) used at Numbers 32:3
Nimrah - Pure, a city on the east of Jordan (Numbers 32:3 ); probably the same as Beth-nimrah (Joshua 13:27 )
Beth-Abara - and some of the best manuscripts read Bethany for Beth-abara; possibly it was at Beth-nimrah, or Nimrîn; or, as Conder thinks, at ʾAbarah, a leading ford of the Jordan on the road to Gilead
Beth-Nimrah - Beth-nimrah (‘place of the leopard,’ Numbers 32:36 etc
Bethab'Ara - ( John 1:28 ) If this reading be correct, Bethabara is identical with Beth-barah (fords of Abarah ) the ancient ford of Jordan on the road to Gilead; or, which seems more likely, with Beth-nimrah, on the east of the river, nearly opposite Jericho
Leopard - Beth-nimrah, Numbers 32:36, means the house of the leopards; and in Song of Solomon 4:8, are mentioned the mountains of the leopards
Leopard - Its Hebrew name occurs significantly in several names of places; as Beth-nimrah, the haunt of leopards, Numbers 32:36
Bethabara - The same as (See Beth-nimrah, "the house of leopards," now Beyt-nemir
Leopard - Probably, these animals were numerous in Palestine; as we find places with a name intimating their having been the haunts of leopards: Nimrah, Numbers 32:3 ; Beth-nimrah, Numbers 32:36 ; Joshua 13:27 ; and "waters of Nimrim," Isaiah 15:6 ; Jeremiah 48:34 ; and "mountains of leopards," Song of Solomon 4:8
Leopard - ‘Beth-nimrah’ or ‘Nimrah’), it is reasonable to suppose that it was more common in early times
Bethabara - Beth-nimrah, on the Wâdy Shaib, five miles east of the Jordan, E
Animals - Two locations suggest habitats of leopards—Beth-nimrah
Dates (2) - Beth-nimrah, now known as Nimrîn, is ‘beyond Jordan,’ τἐραν τοῦ Ἰορδάνου (John 1:28; John 3:26); it is well supplied with water, and accessible both from Jericho and Jerusalem, and may have produced the variants ‘Bethahara’ and ‘Bethany