Places Study on Beth-haram

Places Study on Beth-haram

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Beth-haram
(behth-hay' ram) Place name meaning, “house of the exalted one,” or “house of height.” (KJV, Beth-aram). A city Moses allotted the tribe of Gad (Joshua 13:27 ). It is probably tell er-Rameh though others suggest tell Iktanu. It is probably the same as Beth-haran. See Beth-haran .

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Beth-haram
BETH-HARAM was situated ‘in the valley-plain of the Jordan’ ( Joshua 13:27 ). In Numbers 32:36 Bethharan . Its site has been recovered at Tell Râmeh at the mouth of the Wady Hesbân , 6 miles east from the familiar bathing-place of pilgrims in the Jordan. It was rebuilt and fortified by Herod Antipas when he became tetrarch, and in honour of the Roman empress was called Livias or Libias. Merrill ( East of the Jordan , p. 383) gives reasons for believing that it was in the palace here that Herod celebrated his birthday by the feast recorded ( Matthew 14:6-12 , Mark 6:21-28 ), and that the Baptist’s head was brought hither from Machærus, some 20 miles south.

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Beth-Aram - KJV spelling of Beth-haram. See Beth-haram
Beth-Haran - It is probably the same as Beth-haram. See Beth-haram
Beth-Haran - See Beth-haram
Beth'-Aram - (house of the height ), accurately Beth-haram, one of the towns of Gad on the east of Jordan, described as in "the valley," ( Joshua 13:27 ) and no doubt the same place as that named BETH-HARAN in (Numbers 32:36 )
Beth-Haram - Beth-haram was situated ‘in the valley-plain of the Jordan’ ( Joshua 13:27 )
Political Conditions - Its population was prevailingly Jewish; though Antipas found an opportunity for the indulgence of his passion for building in the erection of Julias on the site of the ancient Beth-haram (Joshua 13:27), opposite Jericho