Places Study on Beth-diblathaim

Places Study on Beth-diblathaim

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Easton's Bible Dictionary - Beth-diblathaim
House of two cakes of figs, a city of Moab, upon which (Jeremiah 48:22 ) denounced destruction. It is called also Almon-diblathaim (Numbers 33:46 ) and Diblath (Ezekiel 6:14 ). (RSV, "Diblah.")

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Beth-diblathaim
("house of double cake") of figs. Same as Almon-Diblathaim. (See ALMON-DIBLATHAIM.) (Jeremiah 48:22).

Holman Bible Dictionary - Beth-diblathaim
(behth-dihb luh thay' ihm) Place name meaning, “house of the two fig cakes.” Town in Moab on which Jeremiah prophesied judgment (Jeremiah 48:22 ). About 830 B.C., Mesha, king of Moab, bragged that he built the city, as recorded on the Moabite Stone. It may be present-day khirbet et-Tem. See Almon-diblathaim .

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Beth-diblathaim
BETH-DIBLATHAIM (‘house of two fig-cakes’?). In Jeremiah 48:22 mentioned with Dibon and Nebo; the next camp to Dibon before Nebo ( Numbers 33:48 f.).

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Beth-diblathaim
House of dry figs

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Diblaim - Others would equate Diblaim with the place name Beth-diblathaim. See Beth-diblathaim
Beth-Diblathaim - Beth-diblathaim (‘house of two fig-cakes’?)
al'Mon-Diblatha'im - (concealing the two cakes ), one of the latest stations of the Israelites between Dibon-gad and the mountains of Abarim ( Numbers 33:46,47 ) It is probably identical with Beth-diblathaim
Almon-Diblathaim - identical with Beth-diblathaim ( Jeremiah 48:22 )
Almon-Diblathaim - of the Arnon) and the Abarim range (Numbers 33:46-47); probably the same as Beth-diblathaim of Moab (Jeremiah 48:22), which Mesha mentions in the famous Moabite stone as "built" by him and colonized with Moabites
Almon-Diblathaim - It may be the same as Beth-diblathaim in Jeremiah 48:22
Bajith -