Places Study on Beth-barah

Places Study on Beth-barah

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Easton's Bible Dictionary - Beth-barah
House of crossing, a place south of the scene of Gideon's victory (Judges 7:24 ). It was probably the chief ford of the Jordan in that district, and may have been that by which Jacob crossed when he returned from Mesopotamia, near the Jabbok (Genesis 32:22 ), and at which Jephthah slew the Ephraimites (Judges 12:4 ). Nothing, however, is certainly known of it. (See BETHABARA .)

Holman Bible Dictionary - Beth-barah
(behth-beh uh) Place name meaning, “house of God.” A ford over the Jordan River and/or the village there if text of Judges 7:24 is correct. Many Bible scholars think copyists have changed the original text, introducing a place name not in the text.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Beth-barah
BETH-BARAH ( Judges 7:24 ). Near Jordan and the valley of Jezreel. Some suppose it to be the same as Bethabara, in which case the guttural has been lost in copying.

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Beth-barah
The chosen house

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Beth-Barah - Beth-barah ( Judges 7:24 )
Beth-Abara - It was perhaps the same as Beth-barah, Judges 7:24 ; but the true site is unknown
Bethab'Ara - ( John 1:28 ) If this reading be correct, Bethabara is identical with Beth-barah (fords of Abarah ) the ancient ford of Jordan on the road to Gilead; or, which seems more likely, with Beth-nimrah, on the east of the river, nearly opposite Jericho
Bethabara - ... Bethabara has also been supposed to be the same as the Beth-barah (בֵּיח בָּרָה, LXX Septuagint Βαιθηρά, of Judges 7:24) which lay on or near the Jordan