Places Study on Benjamin Gate

Places Study on Benjamin Gate

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Benjamin Gate
A gate of Jerusalem (Jeremiah 37:13 ; Jeremiah 38:7 ). Identified by some with Nehemiah's Sheep Gate or with the Muster Gate, it could indicate gate which led to tribal territory of Benjamin. See Jerusalem .

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Benjamin Gate

Morrish Bible Dictionary - Benjamin, Gate of
One of the gates in Jerusalem; but which with others named in the O.T. cannot now be identified. Jeremiah 20:2 ; Jeremiah 37:13 ; Jeremiah 38:7 ; Zechariah 14:10 .

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Benjamin Gate - Benjamin Gate
Inspection Gate - Some identify it with the Benjamin Gate. See Benjamin Gate
New Gate - A gate of the Jerusalem Temple (Jeremiah 26:10 ; Jeremiah 36:10 ), which should perhaps be identified with the Upper Gate Jothan built (2 Kings 15:35 ) and/or with the Upper Benjamin Gate (Jeremiah 20:2 )
Miphkad Gate - If the Miphkad Gate is a city gate, it is perhaps identical with the Benjamin Gate (Jeremiah 37:13 ; Jeremiah 38:7 ; Zechariah 14:10 ), located at the northernmost point on the east wall (perhaps identical with the Gate of the Guard, Nehemiah 12:39 )
Jerusalem - Taking Amaziah prisoner he brought him to Jerusalem and there broke down the wall from the Ephraim or Benjamin Gate to the corner gate (N