Places Study on Bamoth-baal

Places Study on Bamoth-baal

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Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Bamoth-baal
("high places of Baal.") (Joshua 13:17, called "Bamoth in the valley" Numbers 21:20; Numbers 22:41.) Baal Meon or Beth Baal Meon was near, sacred to the same idol. Bajith, "the temple," in close proximity to Bamoth, "high places:" Isaiah 15:2.) (See BAJITH.) Beth Bamoth occurs on the Moabite stone. Mesha says, on the stone, he rebuilt Beth Bamoth, it having been probably destroyed in the struggles between Moab and Reuben or Gad. Israel's halt at Bamoth is identical with that in Numbers 33:45, connected with Dibon Gad, for Dibon and Bamoth Baal were near (Joshua 13:17). Bamoth was "in the valley" or ravine (Numbers 21:20). In the wady Waleh, two miles N. of Dibon, a detached knoll on the right bank of the rivulet contains a quadrangle of rude stones put together without cement; this was one of the Bamoth or high places; others, whence Balsam could have seen Israel, were probably to the W., where are the ruins Keraum Abu el Hossein, or on jebel Attarus.

Easton's Bible Dictionary - Bamoth-baal
Heights of Baal, a place on the river Arnon, or in the plains through which it flows, east of Jordan (Joshua 13:17 ; Compare Numbers 21:28 ). It has been supposed to be the same place as Bamoth.
Holman Bible Dictionary - Bamoth-baal
(ba' muhth- bay' uhl) Place name meaning, “high places of Baal.” Mesha, king of Moab about 830 B.C., mentioned it in the Moabite stone. Numbers 22:41 speaks of Bamoth or high places of Baal near the Arnon River. There Balak and Balaam could see all Israel. Joshua 13:17 lists it as a city Moses gave the tribe of Reuben. It may be modern gebel Atarus.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Bamoth, Bamoth-baal
BAMOTH, BAMOTH-BAAL . Bamoth is mentioned in Numbers 21:19 f. as a station in the journey of Israel from the Arnon to the Jordan. It is prob. identical with Bamoth-baal of Numbers 22:41 (RVm [Note: Revised Version margin.] ; AV [Note: Authorized Version.] and RV [Note: Revised Version.] ‘the high places of Baal’), to which Balaam was led by Balak. Bamoth-baal is mentioned as a Reubenite city in Joshua 13:17 .

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Bamoth, Bamoth-Baal - BAMOTH, Bamoth-baal . identical with Bamoth-baal of Numbers 22:41 (RVm [Note: Revised Version margin. Bamoth-baal is mentioned as a Reubenite city in Joshua 13:17
Bamoth - Some would equate it with Bamoth-baal
Bamah -
Kir'Jath-hu'Zoth - It appears to have lain between the Arnon (Wady Mojeb ) and Bamoth-baal
Bamah, Plural Bamoth - Bamoth-baal was a station of the Hebrews, in the border of Moab, Numbers 21:20 22:41 ; afterwards assigned to the tribe of Reuben, Joshua 13:17
Kiriath-Huzoth - Some suggest a location near the Arnon River (see Numbers 22:36 ) not far from Bamoth-baal (see Numbers 22:41 NIV)
Name, Names - Almost all the compounds with Baal belong to this class: Baal-beer , Bamoth-baal , B