Places Study on Atroth-shophan

Places Study on Atroth-shophan

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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Atroth-shophan
ATROTH-SHOPHAN . A town E. of Jordan, near Aroer and Jazer, fortified by Gad ( Numbers 32:35 ). Some place it with Atareth 1. at ‘Attârûs . This is hardly possible. The site is unknown.

W. Ewing.

Holman Bible Dictionary - Atroth-shophan
(at' rahth-sshoh' fan) Town built by tribe of Gad of unknown location (Numbers 32:35 ). Earliest translations spelled name various ways: Shophar, Shaphim, Shopham, Etroth Shophan.

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Shophan - See Atroth-shophan
Atroth - 32:35: it should probably be joined to the next word and read Atroth-shophan,the several places being divided by the word'and
Atroth-Shophan - Atroth-shophan
Shophan - This word should probably be joined with the word preceding it in this passage, Atroth-shophan, as in the Revised Version