Places Study on Almon-diblathaim

Places Study on Almon-diblathaim

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American Tract Society Bible Dictionary - Almon-diblathaim
One of the encampments of the Israelites on their way from Mount Hor to the plains of Moab; location unknown, Numbers 33:46 .

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Almon-diblathaim
Hidden in a cluster of fig trees
Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Almon-diblathaim
One of the last stages of the Israelites, between Dibon-Gad (or Dhiban, N. of the Arnon) and the Abarim range (Numbers 33:46-47); probably the same as Beth-Diblathaim of Moab (Jeremiah 48:22), which Mesha mentions in the famous Moabite stone as "built" by him and colonized with Moabites.

Holman Bible Dictionary - Almon-diblathaim
(al' mahn-dih luh thay' ihm) Place name meaning, “road sign of the two figs.” A stopping place near the end of the wilderness wandering near Mount Nebo (Numbers 33:46-47 ). It may be the same as Beth-Diblathaim in Jeremiah 48:22 . Location may be modern Deleilat el-Gharbiyeh which looks over three roadways.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Almon-diblathaim
ALMON-DIBLATHAIM . A station in the journeyings ( Numbers 33:46-47 ), prob. identical with Beth-diblathaim ( Jeremiah 48:22 ). The meaning of Diblathaim is a double cake of figs; its application to a town may indicate the appearance of the place or neighbourhood.

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Bethdiblathaim - Perhaps the same as Almon-diblathaim
Beth-Diblatha'im - (house of fig-cakes ), a town of Moab, ( Jeremiah 48:22 ) apparently the place elsewhere called Almon-diblathaim
Beth-Diblathaim - It is called also Almon-diblathaim (Numbers 33:46 ) and Diblath (Ezekiel 6:14 )
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