Character Study on Zephonites

Character Study on Zephonites

Numbers 26: The children of Gad after their families: of Zephon, the family of the Zephonites: of Haggi, the family of the Haggites: of Shuni, the family of the Shunites:

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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Zephon, Zephonites

Morrish Bible Dictionary - Zephon, Zephonites
Son of Gad and his descendants. Numbers 26:15 . Called ZIPHIONin Genesis 46:16 .

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Zephon, Zephonites - ZEPHON, Zephonites
Zephon - Son of Gad, from whom sprung the Zephonites (Numbers 26:15)
ze'Phon - (watch ), the son of Gad, ( Numbers 26:15 ) and ancestor of the family of the Zephonites
Zephon - ” Eldest son of Gad and ancestor of the Zephonites (Numbers 26:15 )
Zaphon - with gentilic name Zephonites ( Numbers 26:13 ), described as a ‘son’ of Gad