Character Study on Zarah

Character Study on Zarah

Genesis 38: And afterward came out his brother, that had the scarlet thread upon his hand: and his name was called Zarah.

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Morrish Bible Dictionary - Zara, Zarah, Zerah
Son of Judah and Tamar. Genesis 38:30 ; Genesis 46:12 ; Numbers 26:20 ; Joshua 7:1,18,24 ; Joshua 22:20 ; 1 Chronicles 2:4,6 ; 1 Chronicles 9:6 ; Nehemiah 11:24 , Matthew 1:3 .

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Zarah
East; brightness

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Zerah - Same as Zarah
Zara - ZARA or Zarah
Zarhites - Family of Zarah, or Zerah, son of Judah
Tamar - A Canaanitish woman, mother of Pharez and Zarah, Genesis 38:1-30
Tamar - Wife of Er and Onan, and by Judah, mother of Pharez and Zarah
Pha'Rez - 5:6), twin son, with Zarah or Zerah, of Judah and Tamer his daughter-in-law
Perez - Son of Judah and Tamar, and twin-brother of Zarah ( Genesis 38:29 ; in Esther 5:5 Esther 5:5 Phares ; patronymic Perezites , Numbers 26:20 )
Zerah - A twin born to Tamar and her father-in-law, Judah (Genesis 38:30 , Zarah KJV)
Beth-Shean, Beth-Shan - ] Vita , 6, Abhoda Zarah i
Pharez - PEREZ "breach" because he broke forth from the womb before his twin brother Zarah who had first put out his hand
Scarlet - Genesis 38:30 (a) Since Pharez is found in the genealogy of CHRIST, this thread may indicate that Zarah would need the blood to redeem him
ze'Rah - ) ... Less properly, Zarah, twin son, with his elder brother Pharez, of Judah and Tamar
ta'Mar - The fruits of this intercourse were twins, Pharez and Zarah, and through Pharez the sacred line was continued
Tamar (2) - Pharez and Zarah were her sons by Judah; and a fruitful race followed, God not sanctioning but overruling evil to His own good purpose (Romans 3:5-8; Ruth 4:12; Ruth 4:22; Matthew 1:3)
Judah - Their union resulted in the birth of Pharez and Zarah
Pharisees - Tradition set aside moral duties, as a child's to his parents by" Corban"; a debtor's to his creditors by the Mishna treatise, Avodah Zarah (1:1) which forbade payment to a pagan three days before any pagan festival; a man's duty of humanity to his fellow man by the Avodah Zarah (2:1) which forbids a Hebrew midwife assisting a pagan mother in childbirth (contrast Leviticus 19:18; Luke 10:27-29)
Gods - 7), in spite of the fact that they were so marvellously privileged (see the Talmudic tractate Zarah, fol
Deliver - “Giving one’s hand” may be no more than “putting it forth,” as in the case of the unborn Zarah (Gen
Proverbs, the Book of - The first division, with the closing part of the middle (Proverbs 10:1-22:16 being the germ of the book), Proverbs 1-9; Proverbs 22:17 - Proverbs 25:1, is characterized by favorite words and constructions: as chokmot , "wisdoms"; Zarah , "the strange woman"; nokriah , "the foreigner," the adulteress who seduces youth, the opposite of true wisdom, found once in the middle division (Proverbs 22:14)
Judah - Pharez and Zarah were the offspring, Pharezthe ancestor of David and of Messiah Himself (Genesis 46:12))
Tongues, Confusion of - ... The essential identity of many words in Semitic and Indo-European gives a strong presumption of their original unity; thus, qeren , cornu , "horn"; masak , misgo , misceo , "mix"; karak , circa , "circle"; 'erets , terra , "earth" (German erde ); chalaq , glaber , glisco , "glide" (glatt ); qum , "gum", 'am , cum , "sun", koinos , "common"; malee' , pleos , plenus , "full" (voll ); bor , purus , "pure"; barah , vorare , bora , "voracious"; parah , ferop , barus , feroo , "bear"; 'apha , epso , "epula"; mar , "amarus"; carath , "curtus"; Zarah , "serere"; muth , math (Sanskrit), mor(t)s , "mortal"; 'attah , tu , su), "thou"; "n" in Hebrew stands for "m" in the Indo-European, as representing the first personal pronoun; shesh , sex , hex , "six"; the other numerals in Hebrew and Indo-European, one to five, are probably identical