Character Study on Sheshan

Character Study on Sheshan

1 Chronicles 2: And the sons of Appaim; Ishi. And the sons of Ishi; Sheshan. And the children of Sheshan; Ahlai.
1 Chronicles 2: Now Sheshan had no sons, but daughters. And Sheshan had a servant, an Egyptian, whose name was Jarha.
1 Chronicles 2: And Sheshan gave his daughter to Jarha his servant to wife; and she bare him Attai.

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Sheshan
(sshee' sshan) Personal name of uncertain meaning. Member of clan of Jerahmeel from tribe of Judah (1 Chronicles 2:31-35 ).

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Sheshan
Lily; rose; joy; flax
Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Sheshan
SHESHAN . A Jerahmeelite ( 1 Chronicles 2:31 ; 1 Chronicles 2:34-35 ).

Morrish Bible Dictionary - Sheshan
A chief of Judah, whose family was sustained in the tribe by his daughter's marriage to his Egyptian servant. 1 Chronicles 2:31,34,35 .

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Sheshan
Descended from Jerahmeel, Hezron's son, representing a chief family of Judah. Having no male issue, he gave his daughter in marriage to Jarha his Egyptian slave (1 Chronicles 2:31; 1 Chronicles 2:34-35).

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Ahlai - Ahlai's father was Sheshan. 1 Chronicles 2:34 says Sheshan had no sons, only daughters. This makes Ahlai either a daughter of Sheshan or part of a Hebrew text that is incomplete due to copying errors. Some would identify Ahlai with Sheshan's grandson Attai ( 1 Chronicles 2:35 ). Others think Sheshan changed his servant's Jarha's name to Ahlai when he made Jarha his son-in-law (1 Chronicles 2:35 )
Sheshan - Sheshan
Ahlai - Daughterof Sheshan
Jarha - Egyptian servant to Sheshan, who gave him his daughter in marriage
Sisam'a-i, - a descendant of Sheshan in the line of Jerahmeel
Jarha - An Egyptian slave who married the daughter of his master Sheshan ( 1 Chronicles 2:34 f
Jar'ha, - the Egyptian servant of Sheshan, about the time of Eli, to whom his master gave his daughter and heir in marriage; (1 Chronicles 2:34,35 ) (B
Ahlai - The daughter (?) of Sheshan ( 1 Chronicles 2:31 , cf
Jarha - Egyptian slave used by his master Sheshan to maintain the family line in clan of Jerahmeel and tribe of Judah (1 Chronicles 2:34-35 )
Attai - Grandson of Sheshan
Ahla'i - (ornamental ) daughter of Sheshan, whom, having no issue, he gave in marriage to his Egyptian slave Jarha
Zabad -
One of David's valiant men (1 Chronicles 11:41 ), the descendant of Ahlai, of the "children of Sheshan" (2:31)
Obed - A descendant of Sheshan ( 1 Chronicles 2:37 ff
Obed - Son of Ephlal, a descendant of Jarha, the Egyptian slave of Sheshan
at'ta-i -
Grandson of Sheshan the Jerahmeelite through his daughter Ahlai, whom he gave in marriage to Jarha, his Egyptian slave
o'Bed - The name of Obed occurs only (Ruth 4:17 ) and in the four genealogies, (Ruth 4:21,22 ; 1 Chronicles 2:12 ; Matthew 1:5 ; Luke 3:32 ) ... A descendant of Jarha, the Egyptian slave of Sheshan, in the line of Jerahmeel
Zabad - Sheshan married an Egyptian husband, Jarha; of her as being the Israelite parent Zabad is called "the son," i
Azari'ah - (1 Chronicles 2:8 ) ... Son of Jehu of the family of the Jerahmeelites, and descended from Jarha the Egyptian slave of Sheshan