Character Study on Ruffians

Character Study on Ruffians

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Ruffianage - ) Ruffians, collectively; a body of Ruffians
Mohawk - ) One of certain Ruffians who infested the streets of London in the time of Addison, and took the name from the Mohawk Indians
Arrest - Bunyan fix his eyes stedfastly upon him, having his Bible then open in his hand, but the man let go, looked pale and retired; upon which said he to his auditors, “See how this man trembleth at the word of God!” ’ And John Wesley was once assailed by a gang of Ruffians
Humiliation of Christ - While the preparation is being made for the crucifixion, He is left in the hands of the soldiers, the whole cohort is invited in to enjoy the sport, and now for the third time He is made the amusement of a band of Ruffians, for it is now their turn to have a little entertainment with the Nazarene fanatic
Innocentius, Bishop of Rome - Jerome had been attacked in his cell at Bethlehem by a band of Ruffians and had narrowly escaped; the two noble virgins, Eustochium and her niece Paula, living in retirement under his spiritual direction, had been driven from their house, which had been burnt, and some of their attendants killed
Dioscorus (1), Patriarch of Alexandria - According to a deacon, Ischyrion, Dioscorus had laid waste property, inflicted fines and exile, bought up and sold at a high price the wheat sent by the government to Libya, appropriated and grossly misspent money left by a lady named Peristeria for religious and charitable purposes, received women of notorious character into his house, persecuted Ischyrion as a favourite of Cyril's, ruined the little estate which was his only support, sent a "phalanx of ecclesiastics, or rather of Ruffians," to put him to death, and, after his escape, again sought to murder him in a hospital; in proof, Ischyrion appealed to six persons, one of whom was bath-keeper to Dioscorus ( ib