Character Study on Rezon

Character Study on Rezon

1 Kings 11: And God stirred him up another adversary, Rezon the son of Eliadah, which fled from his lord Hadadezer king of Zobah:

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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Rezon
REZON . According to the Heb. text of 1 Kings 11:23-25 , Rezon, son of Eliada, was one of the military officers of that Hadadezer, king of the little realm of Zobah (cuneiform, Subiti ), S. of Damascus and not far from the Sea of Tiberias, whom David overthrew ( 2 Samuel 8:3 ff.). For some unknown reason he deserted Hadadezer, gathered a band of freebooters, seized Damascus, and founded there the dynasty which created the most powerful of the Syrian kingdoms. He was a thorn in Solomon’s side, and his successors were bitter adversaries of Israel. Unfortunately, the text presents a suspicious appearance. 1 Kings 11:23-25 a have evidently been interpolated between 1 Kings 11:22 and 1 Kings 11:25 b, and in the best MSS of the LXX [Note: Septuagint.] the story, with some variations, follows 1 Kings 11:14 . In either position it interrupts the course of the narrative, and the best solution of the difficulty is to regard it as a gloss, embodying a historical reminiscence. There is not sufficient evidence for the view maintained by Thenius and Klostermann, that the name should be spelled Hezron and identified with Hezion ( 1 Kings 15:18 ).

J. Taylor.

Easton's Bible Dictionary - Rezon
Prince, son of Eliadah. Abandoning the service of Hadadezer, the king of Zobah, on the occasion of his being defeated by David, he became the "captain over a band" of marauders, and took Damascus, and became king of Syria (1 Kings 11:23-25 ; 2 Samuel 8:3-8 ). For centuries after this the Syrians were the foes of Israel. He "became an adversary to Israel all the days of Solomon."
Holman Bible Dictionary - Rezon
(ree' zahn) Personal name meaning, “prince.” An Aramaean leader who led a successful revolt against Solomon and established an independent state with its capital at Damascus (1 Kings 11:23-25 ). See Damascus .

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Rezon
(See HADAREZER.) 1 Kings 11:23-24. Gathered the Syrian remnant, after David's slaughter of his master Hadadezer (2 Samuel 8:3-8), and set up a petty kingdom at Damascus, and thence harassed Solomon's kingdom. See also Josephus, Ant. 8:7, section 6.

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Rezon
Lean; small; secret; prince
People's Dictionary of the Bible - Rezon
Rezon (rç'zon), prince. Son of Eliadah, a Syrian, who when David defeated Hadadezer king of Zobah, put himself at the head of a band of adventurers and set up a petty kingdom at Damascus. 1 Kings 11:23. He harassed the kingdom of Solomon during his whole reign.

American Tract Society Bible Dictionary - Rezon
The founder of a dynasty in Syria-Damascus in the time of David, and a great annoyance to Solomon, 1 Kings 11:23-25 . He had been an officer under Hadadezer king of Zobah.

Morrish Bible Dictionary - Rezon
Son of Eliadad and a subject of Hadadezer king of Zobah: he fled to Damascus, and established himself as king. God stirred him up against Solomon. 1 Kings 11:23-25 .

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Hezion - His relationship to Rezon, founder of the Damascus dynasty, is not certain. Some think Hezion is a scribal change from Rezon in Hebrew. A more probable opinion is that Hezion is a personal name, while Rezon is a Syrian royal title or throne name. See Rezon
Eliadah - Father of Rezon, an adversary of Solomon
Eli'Adah, - father of Rezon, the captain of a marauding band that annoyed Solomon
he'Zion - ( 1 Kings 15:18 ) He is probably identical with Rezon , the contemporary of Solomon, in (1 Kings 11:23 ) (B
Eliada - Father of Rezon, an ‘adversary’ of Solomon ( 1 Kings 11:23 )
Hezion - It has been plausibly suggested that Hezion is identical with Rezon of 1 Kings 11:23 , the founder of the kingdom of Damascus, and an adversary to Solomon
Rezon - Rezon (rç'zon), prince
Hadad-Ezer - Rezon revolted against Hadad-ezer (possibly the son of the one in 1 Samuel 8:1 ; 1 Samuel 10:1 or the same king). Rezon then established a kingdom for himself in the Syrian city of Damascus
Eliada - Father of Rezon, who established himself as king of Damascus after David conquered Zobah ( 1 Kings 11:23 )
Rezon - Rezon . text of 1 Kings 11:23-25 , Rezon, son of Eliada, was one of the military officers of that Hadadezer, king of the little realm of Zobah (cuneiform, Subiti ), S
Hadad - The Septuagint read Edom for Aram (Syria), 1 Kings 11:25, thus making Hadad succeed in his attempt to regain rule over Edom, from whence he harassed Israel; but the Septuagint omits all as to Rezon, so that its authority is worth little here. 8:7, section 6) reads as KJV; Hadad thus having failed to recover Edom joined Rezon in assailing Israel and received from him a portion of Syria; "he reigned over Syria" refers to Rezon, and is a repetition of verse 24
Ben-Hadad - David, having conquered him, put garrisons in Syria of Damascus; Rezon retook Damascus, and reigned there "an adversary to Israel all the days of Solomon" (1 Kings 11:23). Ben-Hadad I grandson of Rezon (probably), as king in Damascus, which had absorbed by that time the petty kingdoms around, helped Baasha against (See ASA king of Judah. (?) So ended with Ben-Hadad, after reigning about 30 years, the dynasty founded by Rezon
zo'ba, - A man of Zobah, Rezon son of Eliadah, made himself master of Damascus where he proved a fierce adversary to Israel all through the reign of Solomon
Benbadad - was either son or grandson of Rezon, and in his time Damascus was supreme in Syria
Hadarezer - )... Rezonof Hadarezer's retainers escaped, and with "bands" marauded the thinly-peopled district between the Jordan and the Euphrates (2 Kings 5:2; 1 Chronicles 5:18-22), then became master of Damascus, and as an "adversary" did "mischief" to Israel in Solomon's days (1 Kings 11:28-25). (See Rezon
Damascus - In the reign of Solomon, Rezon became leader of a band who revolted from Hadadezer (1 Kings 11:23 ), and betaking themselves to Damascus, settled there and made their leader king
Damascus - The weakness of Zobah encouraged Rezon to organize a renegade band, much as David had in opposing Saul (1 Samuel 22:2 ). Rezon became the leader of Syria headquartered in Damascus (1 Kings 11:23-25 )
Damascus - His subject Rezon, who escaped when David conquered Zobah, with the help of a band made himself king at Damascus over Syria (1 Kings 11:23-25), and was an adversary to Israel all the days of Solomon. ... Hadad's family recovered the throne; or else (See BENHADAD I, who helped Baasha against Asa and afterward Asa against Baasha, was grandson of Rezon
Syria - Meanwhile, a certain Rezon broke from Hadadezer of Zobah following David's victory and became the leader of a marauding band. Rezon is not mentioned, however, and it has been suggested that he is identical to Hezion
Solomon - Rebellions led by the king of Edom, Rezon of Damascus, and Jeroboam, one of Solomon's own officers, indicates that Solomon's long reign was not without its turmoil
Prince - ] are Persian satraps, while in the names Rabshakeh , Rabsaris the prefix rab signifies ‘chief,’ as also the proper name Rezon ( 1 Kings 11:23 ), which occurs as a common noun ( râzôn ) in Proverbs 14:28
Damascus - Rezon escaped and established himself at Damascus as king of Syria and was an adversary to Israel all the days of Solomon
Satan - The Hebrew word satan [ 1 Samuel 29:4 ), Rezon of Damascus (1 Kings 11:23,25 ), and the angel of the Lord (Numbers 22:22,32 )
Damascus - The general of Hadadezer, however, Rezon by name, succeeded in establishing himself as king in Damascus in the time of Solomon, and made himself continuously a very troublesome neighbour ( 1 Kings 11:23-24 )
Solomon - Jeroboam "lifted up his hand against the king, and fled to Shishak (of a new dynasty) of Egypt"; Rezon of Zobah on the N. (See JEROBOAM; Rezon; HADAD
Satan (2) - In other passages it is applied, with no sinister meaning, to David, who, as the Philistines feared, might desert Achish and turn against them in battle (1 Samuel 29:4); to Abishai when he opposed David’s purpose of clemency towards Shimei (2 Samuel 19:22); and again to a foreign enemy in general (1 Kings 5:4); and to Hadad and Rezon in connexion with their revolt against Solomon (1 Kings 11:14; 1 Kings 11:23; 1 Kings 11:25)
Solomon - Rezon ( 1 Kings 11:23 ) conquered Damascus and founded a dynasty, but we hear nothing of any serious war