Character Study on Omar

Character Study on Omar

Genesis 36: And the sons of Eliphaz were Teman, Omar, Zepho, and Gatam, and Kenaz.
Genesis 36: These were dukes of the sons of Esau: the sons of Eliphaz the firstborn son of Esau; duke Teman, duke Omar, duke Zepho, duke Kenaz,
1 Chronicles 1: The sons of Eliphaz; Teman, and Omar, Zephi, and Gatam, Kenaz, and Timna, and Amalek.

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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Omar
OMAR (perhaps = ‘eloquent’). A grandson of Esau ( Genesis 36:11 ; Genesis 36:15 , 1 Chronicles 1:36 ).

Easton's Bible Dictionary - Omar
Eloquent, the son of Eliphaz, who was Esau's eldest son (Genesis 36:11-15 ).

Holman Bible Dictionary - Omar
(oh' muhr) Personal name meaning, “talkative.” Son of Eliphaz and ancestor of an Edomite clan of the same name (Genesis 36:11 ,Genesis 36:11,36:15 ; 1 Chronicles 1:36 ).

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Omar
He that speaks; bitter
Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Omar
Son of Eliphaz, Esau's firstborn (Genesis 36:11-15). Related to the Amir Arabs E. of Jordan, also to amar "to speak," and emir "a chief."

Morrish Bible Dictionary - Omar
Son of Eliphaz, a son of Esau. Genesis 36:11,15 ; 1 Chronicles 1:36 . The name is supposed to survive in the Amir tribe of Arabs.

The Hawker's Poor Man's Concordance And Dictionary - Omar
Son of Eliphaz, (Genesis 36:11) from Aumai, he that speaks.

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Omar - Omar (perhaps = ‘eloquent’)
Rubaiyat - ) Quatrians; as, the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
Musselman - " There are two kinds of Musselmen very averse to each other; the one called Sonnites follow the interpretation of the Alcoran given by Omar; the Shiites are the followers of Ali
Moriah, Mount - It is also called the 'mosque enclosure,' because the mosque of Omar is built thereon
Sparrow - ... These birds are still very numerous, troublesome, and cheap in Jerusalem, Luke 12:6 , and flit in great numbers around the mosque of Omar, on the site of the ancient temple, within the precincts of which they built their favored nest of old, Psalm 84:3
Noph - The kings of Egypt took much pleasure in adorning this city; and it continued in all its beauty till the Arabians made a conquest of Egypt under the Caliph Omar
Sparrow - ) is also very common, and may be seen in numbers on Mount Olivet and also about the sacred enclosure of the mosque of Omar
Pergamos - The library was its great boast; founded by Earaches and destroyed by Caliph Omar
Alexandria - It was conquered by the Saracens under Caliph Omar about a
Keys - According to Rabbinic tradition, this opening was placed beneath the foundations of the Temple, as the Moslems hold to this day that it is to be found beneath the Dome of the Rock, or Mosque of Omar (see Gunkel, Schopfung und Chaos, pp
Alexandrian Library - He accordingly wrote to Omar, whose well known answer was dictated by the ignorance of a fanatic: "If these writings of the Greeks agree with the Koran, or book of God, they are useless, and need not be preserved; if they disagree, they are pernicious, and ought to be destroyed
Temple, Herod's - , the "Dome of the Rock," or the Mosque of Omar
Altar - ... In the Mosque of Omar, immediately underneath the great dome, which occupies the site of the old temple, there is a rough projection of the natural rock, of about 60 feet in its extreme length, and 50 in its greatest breadth, and in its highest part about 4 feet above the general pavement
Jerusalem - 637, when it was taken by the Arabians under the Khalif Omar. He converted the Mosque of Omar into a Christian cathedral
Damascus - The khalif Omar A
Jeru'Salem - North of the side of the temple is the building now known to Christians as the Mosque of Omar, but by Moslems called the Dome of the Rock. 637 the patriarch Sophronius surrendered to the khalif Omar in person. On the site of the ancient temple stands the Mosque of Omar, "perhaps the very noblest specimen of building-art in Asia
Jerusalem - The Caliph Omar, the third from Mohammed, invested the city, which, after once more suffering the horrors of a protracted siege, surrendered on terms of capitulation in the year 637; and has ever since, with the exception of the short period that it was occupied by the crusaders, been trodden under foot by the followers of the false prophet. The best view of it is from the Mount of Olives: it commands the exact shape and nearly every particular; namely, the church of the holy sepulchre, the Armenian convent, the mosque of Omar, St. The mosque of Omar is the St. From the opposite side of the valley, I was witness to the ceremony of parading a corpse round the mosque of Omar, and then bringing it forth for burial
Mahometanism - He entrusted his beloved wife, Raphsa, the daughter of Omar, with the keeping of the chest of his apostleship, in which were laid up all the originals of the revelations he pretended to have received by the ministration of the Angel Gabriel, and out of which the Koran, consisting of one hundred and fourteen surats, or chapters, of very unequal length, was composed after his death. The third is looked upon as so pleasing in the sight of God, that the Caliph Omar Ebn Abdalaziz used to say, "Prayer carries us half way to God; fasting brings us to the door of his palace; and alms procure us admission. The Schiites reject Abubeker, Omar, and Othman, the first three caliphs, as usurpers and intruders; but the Sonnites acknowledge and respect them as rightful caliphs or imams
Jerusalem - About 637, the city was taken from the Christians by the caliph Omar, after a siege of four months, and continued under the caliphs of Bagdad till 868, when it was taken by Ahmed, a Turkish sovereign of Egypt. This is more jealously guarded against Christians than even the mosque of Omar
Temple - But the great majority of scholars, both at home and abroad, are agreed in placing the Temple in close connexion with the sacred rock ( es-Sakhra ) which is now enclosed in the mosque named after it ‘the Dome of the Rock,’ also, less appropriately, ‘the Mosque of Omar. Its position was on the site of the earlier altar of David ( 2 Chronicles 3:1 ), which, it may be asserted with confidence, stood somewhere on the sacred rock still to be seen within the Mosque of Omar (see § 2 above)
Drunkenness - ’ Yet even Omar Khayyam, after all his praise of the Vine, is obliged to confess that he has ‘drowned his glory in a shallow cup’; and, in the light of Christianity, drunkenness stands condemned as a sin against the body which is a ‘member of Christ
Temple - ... Up to quite recent times the Haram—as the enclosure containing the site of the temple is called, and where the mosques of Omar and el-Aksar now stand—was closed to all non-Mohammedans; but the pressure brought to bear after the Crimean war, 1856, was too great, and now travellers find little difficulty in gaining admittance
Jerusalem - North of the side of the temple is the building now known to Christians as the Mosque of Omar, but by Moslems it is called the Dome of the Rock. 637 the patriarch Sophronius surrendered to the khalif Omar, and the Holy City passed into the hands of the Fatimite dynasty
Alexandria - 391 by Bishop Theophilus or by the Caliph Omar in a
Genealogy - The Arabian genealogies all date from the reign of Caliph Omar, when circumstances made purity of descent of great importance
Name, Names - If he had been called Abdallah , he is henceforth Abu Omar , or the like
Jerusalem - It is a plateau of about 35 acres, all level except where a portion of the rock projects near the centre, over which the Mosque of Omar is built
Croisade, or Crusade - Jerusalem had been taken and Palestine conquered by Omar
Canaan - ... Ganneau derives the modern fellaheen from the Canaanites, arguing from their language, manners, customs, and superstitious, and the analogy which there is between Joshua's invasion and that of Caliph Omar
Golgotha - ] ), that Golgotha was on Mount Moriah, and that the mosque of Omar is the church erected by Constantine over the Holy Sepulchre, was quickly shown to be untenable (e
Character - —... ‘If but the Vine- and Love-abjuring band... Are in the Prophet’s Paradise to stand,... Alack, I doubt the Prophet’s Paradise... Were empty as the hollow of one’s hand’ (Omar)
Palestine - Monastic settlements were massacred and plundered, and the whole country reduced to such a state of weakness that without much resistance it fell to Omar, the second Caliph of Islam
Jerusalem - ... The eastern part, mount Moriah and the Acra or "lower city" (Josephus), constitute the lower and smaller; on its southern portion is now the mosque of Omar
Jerusalem - In 637 Omar conquered Jerusalem after a four months’ siege
Arabia - What a change since the days of Omar, when the splendid library of the Ptolemies was wantonly destroyed by the same people! A retribution, though a slight one, was thus made for their former devastations; and many Grecian works, lost in the original, have been recovered in their Arabic dress
Babylon - The Persians, the Macedonians, the Parthians, the Romans, the Saracens, and the Turks, are the chief of the many nations who have unscrupulously and unsparingly "served themselves" of the land of the Chaldeans: and Cyrus and Darius, kings of Persia; Alexander the Great; and Seleucus, king of Assyria; Demetrius and Antiochus the Great; Trajan, Severus, Julian, and Heraclius, emperors of Rome; the victorious Omar, the successor of Mohammed; Holagou, and Tamerlane, are "great kings" who successively subdued or desolated Chaldea, or exacted from it tribute to such an extent, as scarcely any other country ever paid to a single conqueror
Mahometanism - In the sixth year of his mission, Mahomet had the pleasure of seeing his party strengthened by the conversion of his uncle Hamza, a man of great valour and merit; and of Omar Ebn al Kattab, a person highly esteemed, and once a violent opposer of the prophet