Character Study on Nethaneel

Character Study on Nethaneel

Numbers 1: Of Issachar; Nethaneel the son of Zuar.
Numbers 2: And those that do pitch next unto him shall be the tribe of Issachar: and Nethaneel the son of Zuar shall be captain of the children of Issachar.
Numbers 7: On the second day Nethaneel the son of Zuar, prince of Issachar, did offer:
Numbers 7: And for a sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five he goats, five lambs of the first year: this was the offering of Nethaneel the son of Zuar.
Numbers 10: And over the host of the tribe of the children of Issachar was Nethaneel the son of Zuar.
1 Chronicles 2: Nethaneel the fourth, Raddai the fifth,
1 Chronicles 15: And Shebaniah, and Jehoshaphat, and Nethaneel, and Amasai, and Zechariah, and Benaiah, and Eliezer, the priests, did blow with the trumpets before the ark of God: and Obededom and Jehiah were doorkeepers for the ark.
1 Chronicles 24: And Shemaiah the son of Nethaneel the scribe, one of the Levites, wrote them before the king, and the princes, and Zadok the priest, and Ahimelech the son of Abiathar, and before the chief of the fathers of the priests and Levites: one principal household being taken for Eleazar, and one taken for Ithamar.
1 Chronicles 26: Moreover the sons of Obededom were, Shemaiah the firstborn, Jehozabad the second, Joah the third, and Sacar the fourth, and Nethaneel the fifth,
2 Chronicles 17: Also in the third year of his reign he sent to his princes, even to Benhail, and to Obadiah, and to Zechariah, and to Nethaneel, and to Michaiah, to teach in the cities of Judah.
2 Chronicles 35: Conaniah also, and Shemaiah and Nethaneel, his brethren, and Hashabiah and Jeiel and Jozabad, chief of the Levites, gave unto the Levites for passover offerings five thousand small cattle, and five hundred oxen.
Ezra 10: And of the sons of Pashur; Elioenai, Maaseiah, Ishmael, Nethaneel, Jozabad, and Elasah.
Nehemiah 12: Of Hilkiah, Hashabiah; of Jedaiah, Nethaneel.
Nehemiah 12: And his brethren, Shemaiah, and Azarael, Milalai, Gilalai, Maai, Nethaneel, and Judah, Hanani, with the musical instruments of David the man of God, and Ezra the scribe before them.

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Easton's Bible Dictionary - Nethaneel
Given of God.
The son of Zuar, chief of the tribe of Issachar at the Exodus (Numbers 1:8 ; 2:5 ).

One of David's brothers (1 Chronicles 2:14 ).

A priest who blew the trumpet before the ark when it was brought up to Jerusalem (1 Chronicles 15:24 ).

A Levite (1 Chronicles 24:6 ).

A temple porter, of the family of the Korhites (1 Chronicles 26:4 ).

One of the "princes" appointed by Jehoshaphat to teach the law through the cities of Judah (2 Chronicles 17:7 ).

A chief Levite in the time of Josiah (2 Chronicles 35:9 ).

Ezra 10:22 .

Nehemiah 12:21 .

A priest's son who bore a trumpet at the dedication of the walls of Jerusalem (Nehemiah 12:36 ).

Morrish Bible Dictionary - Nethaneel
1. Son of Zuar, of the tribe of Issachar. Numbers 1:8 ; Numbers 2:5 ; Numbers 7:18,23 ; Numbers 10:15 .

2. Son of Jesse, and brother of David. 1 Chronicles 2:14 .

3. Priest who helped in the bringing up of the ark. 1 Chronicles 15:24 .

4. Levite, father of Shemaiah. 1 Chronicles 24:6 .

5. Son of Obed-edom. 1 Chronicles 26:4 .

6. Prince of Judah, whom Jehoshaphat sent to teach the people. 2 Chronicles 17:7 .

7. Levite in the time of Josiah. 2 Chronicles 35:9 .

8. Priest who had married a strange wife. Ezra 10:22 .

9. Priest, 'of Jedaiah,' who returned from exile. Nehemiah 12:21 .

10. Levite, who assisted at the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem. Nehemiah 12:36 .

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Nethaneel
METHANEEL or NATHANAEL in the New Testament ("God-given".)

1. Prince of Issachar at the Exodus, son of Zuar. On the E. of Israel on march, and next Judah (Numbers 1:8; Numbers 2:5; Numbers 7:18; Numbers 7:23; Numbers 10:15).

2. 1 Chronicles 2:14.

3. 1 Chronicles 15:24.

4. 1 Chronicles 24:6.

5. 1 Chronicles 26:4.

6. 2 Chronicles 17:7.

7. Under Josiah gave liberal offerings for the solemn Passover (2 Chronicles 35:9).

8. A priest of Pashur's family who married a foreign wife (Ezra 10:22).

9. Representative of Jedaiah in the days of Joiakim, son of Jeshua (Nehemiah 12:21).

10. A Levite, of the sons of Asaph; performed with the musical instruments of David, at the dedication of the wall (Nehemiah 12:36).

Holman Bible Dictionary - Nethaneel
(nih than' ih ehl) Personal name meaning, “given by God.” 1. Leader of the tribe Issachar and a son of Zuar (Numbers 1:8 ). He commanded an army of 54,400 men (Numbers 2:5-6 ).

2. The fourth son of Jesse and brother of King David (1 Chronicles 2:14 ).

3. One of several priests to blow the trumpet before the ark of God (1 Chronicles 15:24 ).

4. Prince of Judah whom King Jehoshaphat sent out with others to teach the law of God in the cities of Judah (2 Chronicles 17:7-9 ).

5. A Levite and father of Shemaiah who recorded the names and order of the people who would minister in the Temple (1 Chronicles 24:6 ).

6. The fifth son of Obed-edom who was a gatekeeper in the Temple (1 Chronicles 26:4 ).

7. A Levite who contributed to the Passover offering when Josiah was king (2 Chronicles 35:9 ).

8. roA priest and son of Pashur who had married a foreign wife while exiled in Babylon (Ezra 10:22 ). He might have participated in the dedication of the wall around Jerusalem (Nehemiah 12:36 ).

9. Head of the priestly family of Jedaiah when Joiakim was high priest (Nehemiah 12:21 ).

10. A priest, one of Asaph's associates, who played a trumpet, in dedicating the rebuilding of Jerusalem's wall (Nehemiah 12:36 ). Some identify him with it.

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Nethaneel
Same as Nathanael

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Nethanel - (nih than' ehl) Form of Nethaneel modern translations prefer
Zuar - Father of Nethaneel a chief of Issachar
Nathanael - ) Hebrew Nethaneel
Shemai'ah - ) ... A Levite, son of Nethaneel and also a scribe in the time of David
Shemaiah - Son of Nethaneel, a Levite
Issachar - with Judah and Zebulun his brothers, the foremost in the march (Numbers 2:5; Numbers 10:14-15); Nethaneel was their commander