Character Study on Nagge

Character Study on Nagge

Luke 3: Which was the son of Mattathias, which was the son of Amos, which was the son of Naum, which was the son of Esli, which was the son of Nagge,

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Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Nagge
1. Luke 3:25 Greek, Hebrew ╬Łogah . One of Christ's ancestors.

2. The same name was borne by a son of David (1 Chronicles 3:7).

Easton's Bible Dictionary - Nagge
Illuminating, one of the ancestors of Christ in the maternal line (Luke 3:25 ).
Holman Bible Dictionary - Nagge
(nag' geh) KJV form of Naggai.

Morrish Bible Dictionary - Nagge
Son of Maath, in the genealogy of the Lord Jesus. Luke 3:25,26 .

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Nagge
Clearness; brightness; light
The Hawker's Poor Man's Concordance And Dictionary - Nagge
Son of Maath. (Luke 3:25-26) His name signifies brightness, from Nagah. This man is in the genealogy of Christ.

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Esli - Son of Nagge in the genealogy of the Lord Jesus
es'li, - son of Nagge or Naggai, in the genealogy of Christ
Nag'ga-i - (illuminating ), the true form of Nagge , (Luke 3:25 ) and so given in the Revised Version