Character Study on Mishraites

Character Study on Mishraites

1 Chronicles 2: And the families of Kirjathjearim; the Ithrites, and the Puhites, and the Shumathites, and the Mishraites; of them came the Zareathites, and the Eshtaulites.

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Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Mishraites
Fourth of the four families of Kirjath Jearim (1 Chronicles 2:53), i.e. colonies from it, founders of Zorah and Eshtaol.

Holman Bible Dictionary - Mishraites
(mihssh' ray itess) A family from Kiriath-jearim (1 Chronicles 2:53 ). The name designates residents of Mishra, a place of which nothing is known.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Mishraites
MISHRAITES. A family of Kiriath-jearim ( 1 Chronicles 2:53 ).

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Mishraites
Spread abroad
Morrish Bible Dictionary - Mishraites
One of the families of Kirjath-jearim. 1 Chronicles 2:53 .

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